Sunday, September 15, 2019

poor sad blog

let's see if I can do a 2010 repeat!
I will take some food pictures today and see how this goes
this morning 173.8
2010 repeat needed!

Sunday, July 21, 2019

not sure why but okay

so the current plan is:  
winging it 
go with the flow kinda food plan is working for me 
I am not weighing my food, no measuring, not using an app 
I know what to eat 
I have been weighing it and measuring it 
for years! 
so I am down 6 pounds 
171 → 165
now this may not take me all the way to my "happy weight" 
but I am going to go with this as long as it works 
there is so much less noise in my head 
so let's just stick with this, shall we? 
art, walk, church, art 
yep that's my day 

Friday, July 19, 2019

thank you Friends

I think 

could be 
not sure 
but maybe........
maybe just maybe I have a bit of 
wind in my sails 
yeah actually I am 
I know shocker! 
so I am not going to make a big ole deal 
just keep on keeping on 
cause y'all know 
so there is no "finish" 
no "done" 
no real "goal line" 
I do this 
every day 
so I feel better 
have clarity and not so much crappola in my head 
so let's go for another, shall we? 
another day 
todays thought 
wake up tomorrow feeling good about yesterdays choices
how about y'all? 
sound like a plan? 
go out there and be awesome! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

one day or was it day one?

so yesterday went well 
no major plan 
I know them all 
all the food plans 
I could pass a DMV diet plan test 
all I have done: 
Weight Watchers
points plus 
Jenny Craig 
Whole 30
"clean eating" 
shake diet 
low carb 
counting calories 
just to name a few 

think I have commitment issues 
well not into deep thinking this morning 
let's keep it and this simple 
had a good day yesterday 
let's try for two in a row, shall we? 
so I am going to go crafty craft 
iron my clothes 
do my morning thang 

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

feeling so lost

warning this is a total brain dump... 
you will more than likely be bored out of your gord reading this 

I am feeling so lost and defeated 
I was so in the grove
like IN the grove 
food was on point 
workouts were on point and then about last October I started going sideways 
and now 9 months later I am lost in space 
148 → 172
like every day is a new fad 
every morning a new resolution 
I have a slew of feelings (as you can imagine) behind all this 
but I guess more than all the feelings 
a big question mark 
food was packed yesterday 
I had all these grandiose goals 
nothing crazy 
no extreme diets 
nothing over the top 
got to work 
yeah I was a tad worked up, overwhelmed, frustrated, angry 
blah blah blah 
life in retail 
bottom line .....a normal day 
and I snapped 
boom like mega food fest 
like What? 
so what do I do today? 
so upset and blah blah blah 
man this sucks 
can't seem to find the groove 
it's like a freaking mountain ridge I can't seem to scale 
can I make it through today? 
let's just see 
not some crazy "packed and tracked" goal 
just be normal
don't go crazy 
one day Karla 
one day girl 

Monday, July 8, 2019


sorry about the caps there 
this morning 166.4
down a but and being patient with myself 
but found an accountability partner 
she gets a scale picture EVERY morning 
man oh man makes me think before I eat! 

weekly plan: 
gym days this week 
Monday, Thursday and Friday 

cardio days 
Tues, Wednesday and Sunday 

no activity Saturday 

meal prep is coming Thursday 
I ordered 8 meals to see how that goes 
keeping it mostly lower carb 
and I changed my dairy settings to public... if anyone even cares 
so today is tracked and packed 
off to go get ready for the gym 

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

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