Tuesday, June 19, 2018

yesterday was not so far away

okay dork alert
couldn't resist the title
feeling better this morning, more like myself
and yesterday's food I YouTubed 
macros were good yesterday

I didn't eat my last meal and instead had 3 of the Isa snacks .... yeah not such a great choice of food but I love them and I got a delivery

so today I will eat that meal from yesterday

I liked the ease of youtubeing
is that even a word? YouTubeing?
or is it YouTube-ing?
so any whoodle
weight is back to normal this morning
and I am feeling so much better, spent some time reading this morning. I cannot tell you the difference 20 minutes of morning reading has for my mindset.... like night and day

so today is a pure dee cardio day

treadmill, stairs, bike, jump rope to a goal of each, then as many rounds as I can do in an hour

hey this accountability thing a ma bob is working for me
I'll YouTube my food today
Trying to stay off Facebook ... couldn't even say why... not even sure myself

have a Great Day
tootles ma noodles

Monday, June 18, 2018

Day 1

Yesterday was a mega family day 
so so fun and sweet to be with the .... well most of the family 😄
I love my family
love family get togethers 
what a better day than to celebrate the Dads 
Onto food accountability 
Good, better  
not GREAT but good
this will now be the creamer of choice from now on 
zero sugar 
actually Whole 30 approved  
6 scrambled egg whites 
1/4 dry measure oatmeal 
and 1T of almond butter 
weird but I have always put sweetener in this ... didn't know what to do 
I actually LIKED the almond butter 
I will for sure do this again
ordered a coffee at Starbucks
just some half and half 
but I only drank like a third of it 
threw the rest out  
1 cup unsweetened almond milk 
ice and water 
might be time to invest in a new Ninja blender cap  
I ate some chips 
not tons but I did have some 
but I PASSED on the donuts
and I didn't have ANY Bundt cake 
so this was a mega win
with chicken 
a tiny bit of baked beans and grilled onions 
and seconds  
instead of the sweets I had the fruit 
which just had some cinnamon 
no sweetener of any kind  
these I munched on 😣
and the last snack was a Whey thin 
100 calorie 
so I was OVER budget 
budget is 1530 
today was 1757
weight was down half a pound 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Hello old Friend

hey old friend 
I haven't been here much 
Facebook and Instagram has truthfully been my social media of choice 
but things aren't going well 
the binge monster is back 
so here I am 
no silly gips this morning just some truth 
like BIG time 
so though some reaching out to some folks that have found sustained success this is the plan 

  • continue my accountability with my coach ... tomorrow is weigh and measure day and scale picture day .... ish 
  • stop ALL forms of artificial sweetener
  • pictures of food here 
  • daily weight to my coach 
  • continue with my workouts (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE) per usual
so these are my thoughts... 
artificial sweeteners I am thinking are a huge trigger for me, when I do go off the rails it is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS with sugar 

so yesterday I was just purging 
 seems like I consume way more artificial sweeteners than I thought.... today I got up and I am having my coffee (which I incidentally took a picture of for tomorrow's blog post)  with a new no artificial sweetener coffee cream ... I know it is Fathers Day and EVERYONE seems to start things on a Monday but that to me is silly

morning the scale was up
my goal is to lose 10 pounds...
NOW some may read this and say "you crazy girl" but this is me and I KNOW I can do this 

so I am kinda, sorta expecting this to be a LOT harder than I thought, because yesterday was like TOUGH!! truthfully since I had some crazy notion NOT to eat (so dumb) so I wasn't prepared and had a less than stellar food day 
not a full out bread and butter binge but just NOT a great food day 
now I am primarily on Facebook but I 
wow here comes more truth .... 
feeling the need this morning to be transparent 
I use Isagenix and love love love my shakes but I am no longer going to be a shake pusher... nah not for me. I am someone who loves my shakes but this whole signing people up thing isn't for me ... If you ask, fine.. but I am not going to push or bring it up again 
I love the Isagenix products, love the culture, love the events .. I am a grocery store manager 
that's what I do 
I manager a big box retailer (and for the most part love my job) 
I will never be some Isagenix gazillionaire 
ain't in me 
so here we go 
accountability blog now 
food pictures, daily weight, daily posts, and the biggie 
and no selling either 
this is just me 
kinda screwed up right now 
and I need some help 
so I am using this as my plattform 
most of mah peeps won't come here unless I tag my Facebook 
so it's also kind of a anonymous place still for me 

wow that was a lot this morning 
thank you cyberspace, invisible people for your support 
love, peace and chicken grease 

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

post Memorial day

Memorial day hi Jinx
Isa pancake 
mashed strawberries 
I was serious when I kept yammering on about wanting to eat more fish 
so good 
busy on my day off 
hard boiling eggs 
minced onions, red pepper and a tiny bit of jalapeno 
for the fish 
quick spray on the fish 
and for the veggies 
spiralized butternut squash 
brussel sprouts 
45 minutes at 350
fish baked 20 minutes at 350
so so filling and yummy 
and the day was a win 
calories below target 
got a work out in 
and finished my 3 liters of water 
tootles noodles 

Sunday, May 27, 2018

oops super long blog post

Yes I am still here 
this poor neglected blog is sad 
other forms of social media are so much easier than blogging 
most of my time is spent over on Facebook 
Talking about my Stitch Fix box
and making an Isa pancake 

Isa pancake

➡️ Spoon pancake mix 
➡️ Spoon of vanilla IsaLean 
➡️ 3 egg whites 
➡️ splash water

Viola pancake!!!
Topped with 5-6 frozen strawberries that were microwaved for one minute then smashed and added some trivia
so delicious 😋😋😋 

So I am around 👍
oh oh and the ever present Instagram 
Check out Shepherd 
we put together some food boxes last night after service 
Pastors book Compelled is ONLY $13.46 on Amazon 
I HIGHLY recommend it! 
HIGHLY!!!!! I read 4 chapters yesterday afternoon! so good! 
had a few Sip and Sample's last week 
one was awesome! 
one was a bust 
but ya know I figure this is like my weight loss ... in it for the long haul 
I have 2 sip and samples planned for June 14th and June 23
so learning, learning, learning 
will get better 
and persistence is critical 
so we are all caught up 
I will try and blog more 
later taters...... 
oh oh oh wait! 
this is AFTER all a weight loss blog
so how am I doing scale wise 😔😕😖😑
errr... humm 
ahhh next topic please!?  
okay okay okay 
maybe not steller 
I have MAYBE kinda sorta....a little like
been not so great 
but I have an event next Saturday with my coach/trainer 
you know and love her as Linda Lee 
if you haven't joined her Facbook group... 
hey what cha waiting on???!!!  
so back on track 
stop emotional eating 
keep that Enemy at bay 
and stay in control 
and away from the sugar 😈
which takes me down down down 
okay enough 
love, peace and chicken grease 

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