Friday, May 26, 2017

REALLY? ah no!

I use all kinda of gizmos
My Fitness Pal

Itrack Bites

and according to all these I should have lost mega pounds by now!
and burned TONS of calories
I have even walked longer than the walk!!
This morning for example
I dusted off yee old treadmill just to get in something
an old trainer once told me
a little bit of saomething is better than a whole lot of nothing
so I look at my Fitbit after

I DID NOT walk for an hour 
true I wear my fitbit on my ankle, but it itches on my wrist 
and it's not attractive 
so I am always reminding myself 
these little gizmos ARE NOT accurate 
oh well 
to steal Anne's line 
onward and downward 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

sleep and rest

How many hours do you get a night? 
6? 8? 10? 
My USUAL is 8
night before last it was only 3 
I am off in so many way's when I am not rested 
I feel a mild sick upset indigestion feeling 
low grade headach, I am Mama cranky pants 
so I am protective of my rest 
If I am "lights out" at 7PM, which I need to get in my 8 hours 
well then so be it 
I could Google a million reasons why sleep is so important 
won't bore you with all that 
I just KNOW how important it is for me 
so I am feeling refreshed and ready for the day today 
wonders what a good night sleep can do for you
tootles bloggity folks 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

not every day is a good day

I have had an upsetting few days
my mind is in a turmoil 
stress is pushing in on me and I am having a hard time 
My reaction to stress has always been to overeat 
I only slept a few hours last night 
another reaction to stress 
very hard to quiet my mind 
but today I journaled and I am recognizing my weight loss may stall 
not as a result of overeating... I have a plan and I am sticking to it 
but this is my bodies reaction to stress and lack of sleep 
to hold onto the weight 
like it is saying nah nah nah 
I am in control Karla!!! not you!!! 
but this is okay for now 
relax.... get through these next few days 
ride out the storm 
relax and give it to God 
I can't make everyone happy
I have to accept this 
and let go of certain things 
heavy post today 
not the usual happy go lucky motivational, inspirational jargon 
not every day is like that 
sorry dudes and dudetts 
but tomorrow... no today!!!!  is a new day 
I am going to make today a good day 
let it go 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Food Nerd!!!

I eat a lot of the same thing 
I don't eat out very often 
the only meal I like to eat out is breakfast 
and the occasional salad lunch
I like my own food 
I like to know what's in my food 
I make the....  no not "the"..... THEE best food 
I would have loved to have had a meal prep business 
but then I probably wouldn't have liked it then
but I love the  
shopping, planning 
I love the whole process of cooking, portioning out 
figuring the ounces 
yep no other conclusion 
I am a food nerd 

Sunday, May 21, 2017


who is my biggest saboteur? 
I have had a successful few weeks... 
which for me to be able to put together WEEKS is HUGE 
I am great at stringing a few days together
 but I can't tell you when HONESTLY when it was into the WEEKS 
so what do I wake up to today?..... buzz buzz buzz in my head 
change this, quit that, start this 
I am my biggest saboteur 
I have actually had some people put candy on my desk.... 
mind you AFTER I told them 
"no thank you" 
they set it on my desk "just in case you change your mind" like WHAT!!!!???? 
well you know where that candy ended up 

If I had a nickle for every time I heard people say 
"It won't hurt you, live a little" 
I live a lot thank you, and quite nicely and happily without your whatever  

then there is my wonderful husband.... 
who bless his heart cannot eat a SINGLE meal 
without offering me MULTIPLE times for some of his 
and I don't mean occasionally 
He's a knucklehead 

but it's me who is the biggest saboteur.... 
I need to relax 
let things work 
stay the course 
stay in my OWN lane 
keep my eye's on ME 

why is something so simple, yet so hard??? 

ahhh life 
food is packed and planned 
just do it Karla
I got this! 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

I try and be careful

not to judge 
what works for you doesn't always work for me!! 
One of my blogging bud's is total Low Carb 
gals at my work have been banded, sleeved and bypassed 
ladies at my gym use a nutritional system 
Other bloggers are total Paleo 
we all have different ways 
but it's hard if you are CONVINCED your way is the ONLY way 
we are all different and individual
I try and always remember this
and keep my eye's on myself 
what's been working for me? 
last week 1668 average and lost 1.8
this week 1697 average so far and down another 1.4 so far 
 ::: official week ends for me Monday morning::::
and what is MOST EXCITING of all is I have not binged in almost 2 weeks!!! 
not an evening freak out food session
nope, nada, zip, ziltch!!! 
also making sure to exercising 5 days a week minimum 
and drinking a gallon of water a day 
we are all individual 
once I embraced this 
it was so freeing 
I don't have to do you 
I can just do me 
what a concept!!! 

Friday, May 19, 2017

quick like a bunny

quick post this morning 
I have been paper tracking my calories 
my weight 
and how many workouts I do in a week 
just helps me to see the fluctuations 
but then I see an average weight 
and average calories per week 
hummmm I am liking the idea so far 
gotta run 
food packed 
clothes laid out 
off to work out 

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