Friday, January 24, 2020

15 of 2020

So as of this post I have been staying within my calorie budget 
yesterday was a long, crazy long day 
left my house at 4AM got home at 7PM
thank goodness I am off today 
I am seeing the scale go slow slow
but I think this is to be expected 
I'll keep the course and we will just see what January's efforts bring 
not much outta me this morning '

Monday, January 20, 2020

2020 #14

a news flash for y'all 
weight loss is slow 
so much so I cannot focus on it or I will be discouraged
so yesterday I was going to go get a new outfit for my Thursday meeting 
but I knew there would be no noticeable difference yet 
so I decided to skip it 
I can wear a perfectly acceptable work outfit to the meeting 
and that shielded me from a disappointment yesterday 
 I have noticed by daily tracking that my water intake is not good 
I am averaging less than 2 liters a day 
Yup That'S Right GIF by Katelyn TarverI am going to really try this week to make sure I get FOR SURE 
2 liters a day, then next I will work on 3 a day 
I am noticing that I have been easier on myself this year. 
Yup That'S Right GIF by Katelyn TarverMaybe this is part of why I am STILL going … 
food is tracked, but not packed … I'll get off the blog and go make my food 
Weigh in day for this year is Wednesday 
that was the first day of 2020, so I went with it 

wow this was a boring post 


Saturday, January 18, 2020

2020 #13

so the weekend is here
I am going to make sure it's not a weak-end
I need to rest and reenergize
I have some things I want to do, nothing crazy
We talked about taking the pups to the beach... we'll see if this happens
I have been journaling (art journaling) and incorporating my weight journey
not exclusively but it is part of who I am
my little Milo has to sit in lap every morning

   she wants to know what I am blogging about

she has opinions 😂

so today I will take a walk in the neighborhood, spend some time with the pups and the hubs, do art, dinner and church tonight

tootles noodles

Friday, January 17, 2020

2020 #12

When I start to get some momentum 
I get excited 
I want to stand at the rooftops
screaming "I got this" 
but I have had such a rough 18-24 months 
I am nervous to be so confident 
but down a bit more this morning 
This I can say for sure
January I will have weight loss 
for sure-eo!!!
What changed? 
I turned 60
and so my mind starts spinning
do I want this to be my LIFELONG struggle?
ah NO! 
I have so much a better quality of life 
when I am not obsessing every second about food 
I think ... no! I know …..I have some serious brain issues
but when I have this under control 
I can be there for others, have more balance in my life 
enjoy things 
do all my problems go away? NO!
will I "fix" this struggle? NO!
Will I instantly be more confident? NO!
Will I suddenly morph into this new amazing human? NO! 
The old saying I see everywhere 
so for today
I am choosing to work towards my goals 
I got this! For today 
tootles, noodles 

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

2020 #11

posting is getting easier
I have given myself permission to just write. This is knowing I AM NO WRITER!!
I don't need food pictures
or silly gifs
I can just write
Yesterday I did something I haven't done in a LONG time!!!
I went and got my nails done!
now this may seem like nothing … but
pampering myself is not something I do any more
"no timer" "pain to do" "not worth it"
blah blah blah
so funny also in the past I have made this elaborate "reward chart"
I am a total journaler, list maker, I love graphs and charts
yeah I am that nerdy person... what can I say?
but any whoosle
so yesterday I pampered myself
just cause
then this morning I got on the scale
and I was down 5 pounds since 1/1/2020!
without even planning, graphing, charting nothing
I unexpectedly gave myself a 5 pound reward!
for today food is planned, tracked
I will work out this morning
and today I will choose to see the positive
there IS NEGATIVE … but I choose to live in the light
for today
One day at a time

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

2020 Post #10

I seem to be on some sort of roll here
--> insert cautious optimism
that's a strange word …. optimism
ahh distracted there
yesterday I was within my plan
I worked out
I drank water
BUT I also had a HUGE diet Pepsi = no sleep for you!
up at stupid ridiculous time in the freaking middle of the night
tonight I have to sleep
Let's hope
no caffeinated beverages for me after 12 noon that's for sure!
sitting here at my art table makes me happy
I love my morning art fest, journaling.. writing
clears me head
my sleep deprived head 😂
just me quietly doing my thang

Monday, January 13, 2020

2020 #9

not going to lie
yesterday was TOUGH!!!
ending the day TOTALLY on track BUT
I had cash in my hot little hand more than once
***** I am a grocery store manager *****
down the candy aisle
…. internal voice..."Come one girl, this is just plain ole dumb!!!"
Getting back on track has been tough
but a few things I am going to do today
WAIT for my first meal.... as long as possible... like 10 AM
now ya'll may think HUH? 10 o'clock? like what!!?
well I am up at 2AM so yeah 10 is WAITING!
yesterday was treadmill, today is the gym
again, not analyzing every little thing
Just do the next actionable thing girl!
I am focusing on small goals
for now the small goal is this next week
just that
not the big picture
just this next week.... stay on plan
no left, no right just stay the course
and these are to remind me of what I am capable of 
I CAN be strong, focused and driven
 Set my intentions for the day ✔
plan my food ✔
track and pack food ✔ and will do next 

I picked up a few audio books for my car 
I need to set myself up to win! 
have a good day ma peeps 

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