Sunday, October 1, 2017

Fall into fitness month

where did September go? 
flew by 
daughter is all married 
the wedding was beyond beautiful 
I cried more in September than I have all the other months of the year combined! 
I am starting a Fall fitness accountability group tomorrow 
and I just got the email yesterday 

 1. Please send in your before weight, measurements (measurements guide attached), and photos (front/side/back) in a sports top & shorts by MONDAY evening. 

**I know this is hard for many of you, but trust us when we say that this plays an integral role in your success! 
oh dang! I am already balking at #1!!!! 
sheesh Karla get a grip 

I do not want ANYONE ....Hubster included to see me in a sports top and shorts 
ugh, ugh and major ugh 

I think I will be forced to threaten the leader of this group with physical violence 
if it is shown to ANYONE!!! 
Like it could end up on some random social media 
with a tag like #dontletthisbeyou  

how dumb is that???!!! like anyone but me gives a hoot .... right!!! 

ah right? 


I hope I can do this simple FIRST step
the Mister and I can clean up spiffy 

tootles bloggity crew 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

attitude is a weird thing

it's like a switch
either it's on, or off 
can't understand... but right now the switch is flipped 
I walked over 4 miles yesterday... got me in some cardio 
I shouldn't be blogging... I should be on my way to the gym 
but if I end up on my treadmill this morning that's all good 
this is a close up of the egg white fritatta I made 
so yummy 
sauteed mushrooms, onions, red bell peppers 
asparagus and put in 2 cups of frozen hash browns 
and 28g of cheese, an entire large carton of whites
came out to 80 calories per square 
win win  
I have to stop this!!! 
I am always making jokes about it but I seriously 
seriously seriously need a fashion fix 
wearing hubsters shorts and shirt 
sheesh woman 
Thinking of trying Stitch Fix
please please comment if you have tried!!!!! 
I SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY dislike clothes shopping! 
like SERIOUSLY!!!  
Tup life 
later taters 

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Food Journaling for 4 days in the main

my day in food pictures 
aka food journaling 
I won't be taking pictures every day 
as I eat a lot of the same thing over and over 
coffee time!!! 
tracked it ... notice the tablespoon 
half unsweetened almond milk 
half SF creamer
did the treadmill 
some abs and a few push ups 
got my sweat on! 
a serving of the egg white fritatta I made 
ah yum! 
This I made enough for 4 days 
CRAZY food packed 
and water 
and this was on my drive into work 
can't forget the vitamins! 
I also bought 4 so this will be reoccurring 
also same for the next 4 days 
small serving cottage cheese with pepper 
used it like a dip for 24 small pretzels  
another serving of the egg white fritatta
I didn't have any pico pica so spicy mustard worked as a back up plan  
130 calories of Fage 0% 
with a cup of frozen berries  
spaghetti squash 
4 ounces ground turkey 
and 1/4 cup light Prego Alfredo  
I made 4 servings of this also 
oh this was ???
kind of super sweet 
not sure about this 
and my SF frozen yogurt  
seems like too much? 
nope all tracked and within my budget  
protein a little low but as long as it's over 100
I am happy Sugar was also good  
also double tracked and within the Weight Watcher points 
I have found I feel puffed up proud of the task
 when I do the HUGE meal prep
the one where my freezer has 20-30 meals 
but I am trying not to over think all this 
keep my meals fresher 
and the act of making, planning, buying 
makes me feel like I am on track 
so yesterday was a good day 
a lot of thinking about the future 
I am a happy gal 

Thursday, September 7, 2017

feels good

to be cooking again 
I was busy at it this afternoon making food for the next few days 
meal prep for the entire month (I am an all or nothing soul) 
gets BORING for me 
so I cooked for a few days 
egg white fritatta (pictures tomorrow) 
spaghetti squash with ground turkey 
feeling good 
and the verdict on the Mother of the bride dress? 
it's a win 
dinner with the hubster tonight 
his menu: hot wings and NFL 
mine: cauliflower rice and ground turkey 
~~~~ I had leftover cooked turkey from meal prep~~~~ 
still hanging out 
still in the gym 
weighing and measuring 
weight seems to be stuck 
but that's what plateaus are 
but mine has been here for the last 18 months 
tee hee 
tootles noodles 

Friday, September 1, 2017

cruising cruising

just chillin and cruising along 
no binging in sight 
working out 
keeping the calories about 1500
drinking my shakes 
eating my meals 
cooking my food 
just doing my thang 
focusing on strong, balanced and feeling good 
less focus on weight, weight, weight 
the weight will come off 
when it's ready 
and I am just not willing to drop the calories to 1200
that is binge land 
trying to break the sleep aid habit 
so I was awake BRIGHT and early 
or way late 
depends on how you look at it 
it's amazing how hard relaxing and letting being okay be ok is 
trying to step out of my comfort zone is so hard 
even thinking about getting ready to step out is scary 
makes no sense 
I need to get some inspiration mind food 
rambling this morning 
only had 5 hours of sleep 
tootles bloggity crew 

Monday, August 28, 2017

why tempt fate?

I am an almost daily scale junkie 
Wake up, use the restroom and go get on the scale 
not today 
I have been doing really good 
staying on plan 
so why do I need the scale this morning? 
not needed.... 
sometimes the scale helps me to be appreciative of my hard work 
other times it is a source of frustration 
other times ..... not sure why though 
it is a free pass to eat out of control 

if the number is good it's like okay FOOD TIME!!!! 
so not today 
maybe tomorrow 
we'll see 
how often do you weigh? 
so often I hear people say... it's not about the number on the scale 
but that is soooo not my mindset... 
maybe I need a new attitude? 
tootles noodles 

Sunday, August 27, 2017

7 FULL days

okay it is official 
 7 full days 
scale said 158.6 this morning (ahhh I think) 
I know the 158 part for sure 
cause I jumped off the scale before it could change it's mind 
the .6 part ... not to clear on 
but for sure it said 158 point something 
had a few too many down days this past week 
in regards to exercise 
but changing things up
yes again 
sheesh I know.... what is my dealeo!!??
but losing weight is mainly about the food 
 2010 lost bunches doing just 20 minutes of walking 
so I will find a routine again 
but work today 
and JUST work usually is well over 15,000
steps on my fitbit 
food is all packed 
 mixing my food up a bit 
so boredom doesn't set in 
today on the menu is apple and almond butter 
ahh yum! 
got ta go 

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