Monday, September 22, 2014

Fed up?

I watched the movie Fed up yesterday 
OH MY GAWD!!! you have to watch it!! 
go now 
rent it 
buy it!! 
watch it!! 

I was looking at food labels all day today
even some of my vitamins have sugar!!

no wonder.... it makes sense.... sugar in excess = food addiction 

my beloved Vitatops ... 11 grams of sugar 122% of your daily recommended allowance 


today's sugars: 18...  dang that's good 
and I had ZERO cravings today BUT I did have artificial sweeteners and when you have artificial sweeteners (according to the movie) you crave sugar (I also found this) 

that what kind of sucks about diet and exercise... (and sobriety... throw that on the fire) 

when you know what's good for you and the science behind it (as I understand it) then you kind of can't .... unlearn it.... 


so here are a few of my breakfast essssss.

egg white omelette with asparagus, onions and mushrooms with tomatoes 
ahhh yummo 

egg whites with onions and mushrooms 
.5 oz of cheese 
Pico Pica taco sauce 

Good night bloggity crew 

Sunday, September 21, 2014


should I try it? 
I am scared and nervous to walk into a yoga studio 
the people will laugh histerically 

but I want to try it 
I am super uncoordinated 

but everyone starts somewhere... right?

why is it I think it will be a fiasco of epic preportions!!! 

a total fail? 

okay now I have done it!!! 
I have to find a yoga studio and try it at least once 
and report back 

oh and a 5 pound loss over this last week 

boo yah!!! 

so happy 
back at it 
off to Google local yoga studios 
thought for the day: 

tootles bloggity folks 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Going to get on a jet plane!

So yesterday's food was meh :|
The food was good! But too many calories. Today we are headed home but I HIGHLY recommend Airbnb check it out we stayed in a beautiful tugboat for $165 a night and enjoyed it immensely! 

I am anxious to see my weight tomorrow morning 

I know I didn't gain this trip! 
Traveling and dieting can be a bit challenging 

We are going to take our lunches with us to the airport to avoid airport food 

Tootles Bloggity homies 

Tee hee 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Vacation blogging

Portland is beautiful we have enjoyed it so much the tugboat it's very cute that were staying on. But I have to admit that the airplanes flying overhead are a bit troublesome and incredibly loud ... so loud they drown out the television!!! But staying on a tugboat has been an experience. I have been walking a lot getting all of my 45 minutes in most days

I didn't get them in yesterday though ���� 

Food is spot on and on point and I am excited and hoping to see a loss this week. A blogged about it in my last post... About something just clicking like all of a sudden I'm done!!! I'm done!!! I'm done I'm ready to be back in my size 4-6's again. I'm ready to have more choices than three every morning ... It is really a bummer when you look in your closet and nothing fits so that's okay for right now I'm doing the right things and I'm eating correctly and working out and it takes time and I'm good with that

Not too much time though 

I'm sitting on the deck of the boat did you see the airplane up in the corner of the picture .... it's like the eighth one that's gone by this morning already i'm surprised the rest of my family is not awake! 

Today we are going to breakfast which will be easy choices - egg white omelette

I'm having protein in my coffee this morning and I'll have a shake or two later

The family BBQ will be a bit challenging but I will stop and get a Single Serving salad and just be selfish and eat it because I am not gonna blow my diet today!!! 

I am feeling very focused and on track 

Later tater's

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

a New Day

getting things back on track sometimes is such a struggle 
then all of a sudden things just click 

click back into place like the gears of a clock 

weird huh? 

So this morning we are flying off on a beautiful multi-city Europe tour 

hahahaaha ahhh no 

off to beautiful Portland to stay on a Tugboat 

odd, huh??!! 

It is going to be sooo fun 


and it is a floating houseboat, entire kitchen 
so I have a bit more control over my choices and I have COFFEE in the morning 

so posts may be scarce but I WILL check in 
back on da rails baby 
and feeling positive 

tootles bloggity family 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

I wonder

why do I sabotage myself?
I know what to do... I have done it
am I afraid to be successful again?
afraid of the attention that comes with a weight loss?
this is not a food thing
this is a mind thing
deeper than donuts and candy
It is about needing to value myself
nurture myself
understanding that I am worth the effort
I am an awesome lady
and if a friend was being treated like this by someone


so today I am going to remember all the reasons I am awesome
and why I need/should and do love myself

isn't it a conundrum that we point at folks and say

"oh my gawd they are so narcissist"
"so self centered"
"it's all about them"

that to be a good person you need to live for others
help others
think of others

maybe taking care of yourself (myself) frees me up to do just that


thoughtful morning

10's are even tight .... boo

Friday, September 12, 2014

yep.... still here

things are trudging alone 
2 more work days until vacation 

I am off to the gym this morning to get my sweat on and realized it's been a while since I blogged 

eating some oatmeal to get some carbs in 
renewed my online Weight Watchers subscription 
I feel good about my decision
nothing is fast 
there is no magic pill 
it'll take time 

but I am going to stay away from all those boxed and processed foods 
I don't feel good when I eat so much processed foods 

I am not an Angel so I will be gentle with myself in living 
up to these expectations I have set for myself 

and try and blog more 

tootles bloggity folks