Saturday, December 9, 2017

My truth

I am learning, 
yes even old dogs can learn new tricks 
I have gone 30 days with ZERO binge 
no late night bread and butter ... multiple slices 
no gorging on chips
I have stayed on course 
and followed a plan 
and it has stuck 
2 shakes, 3 meals, 5-6 days in the gym 
and I am feeling GREAT 
down over 10 pounds this last month 
so excited to see what the next month, and the next and the next will bring 
I am falling in love with feel GREAT 
OMG I sound like an infomercial 
oh well 
this is my truth 

tootles my bloggity family 

Friday, December 1, 2017

Become obsessed

I am learning 
this is LONG term 
not a race 
a journey, a life time adventure 
now I am not stupid 
I knew that 
kinda sorta, but feeling GOOD daily 
for the last few weeks has 
made SUCH a difference 
yesterday I grabbed chips 
yep... potato chips 
the beginning of a binge for me normally 
NOPE.... tossed the open bag away
hubster DOES NOT need them 
I don't need or want them 
ate a huge bowl of butternut squash and zucchini zoodles 
and yeah no... I had no more crazy cravings all night 
I took an action 
I made a choice 
not huge for some, but for me HUGE 
keep my eyes on me 
walk my own path 
and be there for whomever needs me 
I am becoming obsessed with this journey 
of FEELING good from the inside out 

oodles, tootles of zoodles 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

You can't unlearn things (caution long post)

I am an alcoholic 
full blow, black out drunk 
but I have been sober for 7 years now 
because I know I can't drink 
not socially 
not "just a glass" or "just one" 
because one = two = ten = years and years 
that's what happens 
food is kind of the same way I am finding 
you can't unlearn 
I changed my life back on 1/1/10 
gave up the booze, started eating to lose weight 
then started learning to eat healthier 
I read so much 
too much that 
I can't go back 
then I started to move my body 
it started with just 20 minutes a day walking 
then working out 
then again I know how great I feel 
inside and outside 
when my food is good 
my workouts are good 
and I am accountable 
11/6/17 I woke up and felt awful 
so I just went back to what I know 
what I was TRYING to unlearn 
working out, eating clean 
11/27/17 I was down to 157.8
almost 10 pounds in 21 days 
so funny it is HARDER to feel like crap 
it actually takes LESS effort to take care of myself 
less thinking, less scheming
and I am learning when people push on me 
because they don't agree with my choices 
of foods, workouts, or methods 
that's them not me 
that is THEIR issue and THEIR deal 

I am done fighting 
I can't drink if I do I will kill myself and destroy my life 
I can't eat crap food or I will feel awful EVERY SINGLE DAY 
I need to keep moving my body so I can live a LONG life 
and enjoy my retirement and grandkids 

I am blessed 
because I understand 
the do's and don'ts 
as they pertain to my life
because some people do not 

Rodger Dodger, over and out 

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Thanksgiving #2

today is Thanksgiving celebration #2 
I weighed myself Thanksgiving morning for a base line weight
woke up Friday up a pound 
This morning back to base line weight
I am finding balance 😲
yeah I know for anyone who has read this blog for more than a nano second
this sounds un-achievable but I think I am getting this... 
balance .... 
I have not had a binge in over 3 weeks 
so plan for today is enjoy the experiences of the family/friend gathering 
don't make today about the food 
and I am doing a boot camp this morning 
with Orangetheory session booked tomorrow
positive actions 
day one of my 9 days off 
boo yah!!! Here's to time off work 

Friday, November 24, 2017

Post Thanksgiving thoughts

what a wonderful day
friends, family, so many blessings
I am so thankful!
yeah I had to work but 🤷
being a grocery store manager and having holidays off don't go hand in hand
so this morning my weight was of course up 
and I sooo did not go crazy 
but salt, half a roll with butter and a sliver of home made pecan pie 
was so worth it 
but gotta be right back at it 
I have ANOTHER Thanksgiving Saturday 
so totally back on the food plan today 
also add the gym into the mix 
next week is vacation 
lots of little things here and there to get done 
nothing like crazy pressing 
so it'll be a relaxing vacation 
lots of green leafy salads next week 
ahhh yummo 

feeling good this morning
no crazy Thanksgiving food babies like years past 

over and out my bloggity peeps 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

copy catter dirty ratter

Remember when you sang this as a kid? 
was meant to be a burn 
I am a TOTAL copy cat 
so much of what I do, eat, exercise is based on what others do 
but yeah know what? 
It works for me 
nope... no earth shattering new ideas here 
just time tested (on you) ideas I am implementing 
and you know what? they are working!!! 
3 lifting days, cardio days 
3 meals and 2 shakes 
nope not my creation but it's working
next 6 days will be crazy town in the grocery business 
it's be nice to your grocer week 
I just made that up 
but seriously folks just be nice 
tootles bloggity homies 

Thursday, November 16, 2017


I have to share with all you!!!! 
I am feeling so AMAZING!!! 
no binge, no being off track for going on 11 days!!! 
feels so empowering! 
wow thats a lot of exclamation points!!!
3 meals, 2 shakes 
and I have spaced my food out 
making my last meal LITERALLY as I am walking out of work 
with like half a liter of water 
this way I am NOT even a little hungry when I get home 
and I have been doing good on my work outs 
I DO NOT want to start 2018 
with a "fresh start" mentality 
I want 2018 to be a "keep going" year 

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