Saturday, March 25, 2017

getting comfortable with being uncomfortable

growth can be uncomfortable 
painful even ... but what is more painful? being stagnant
just need to clear my mind...
When I am doing anything new .....  boy oh boy does my inner dialog kick up...
Prayer goes a long way to help this for me 
I also try rewarding myself
when getting over a hurdle 
also need to cut myself a bit of slack
not be so hard on myself
 I am my biggest critic!!
and stop with the meh meh meh
go for it!!!
I have a tendency to make things seem harder than they really are
so silly 
side bar
I am in a 30 day challenge group
awesome ladies
work out video's
weekly check ins
this group GETS results!!!
we will be starting another one in a few weeks
drop me an email if your interested

Friday, March 24, 2017

My day off

so here I sit ... 4:15 pm 
I have done good all day 
now I am fighting the snack attack 
I was busy today 
I just have to make it 3 hours 
silly how it is just a habit 
I am not even hungry 
hubby is home 
dinner is almost to the table
you're going to eat dinner in less than 30 minutes 
chill Karla 
it's in your head 
great day 
2 killer shakes 
awesome egg white breakfast with my son 
dinner all planned out 
update ya in the morning 
and I made it 
it's such a head game!!! 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Dieting vs lifestyle

I don't like to think of being "on a diet"
I have thought that way before .... 2010 when I lost 60 pounds 
but that thought process set me up to regain back a lot of the weight 
I have dropped some of this weight ... 
but I don't look at it as a "diet" 
those end 
this is about living a healthy life
yeah sure sometimes I stumble 
but I persist 
I pick myself up 
dust myself off and keep going 
no quitting allowed 
setbacks happen 

I am not on a diet!!!! 

post inspired by my blog pal Sean

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fitness in your fifties

straight post 
let's just talk 

20's for me
babies, diet pills... ZERO exercise.... my idea of exercise at the time was coupon clipping and housework in a two story house... I was a size 14 back in the 70's now I think that is a 6... I pretty much ate what I wanted... never read a nutrition label... wait did they even have nutrition labels in the 70's? pregnancy #1 delivery weight was 199 and 
when I got pregnant with my daughter I STARTED at 199!!! yikes 
two kids... worked full time ... stretch pants, permed hair... Oh wow was I a train wreak! not a good decade for me ..... these were definitely my heaviest years and I wasn't a candidate for the Mom of the year award .... that's for sure!!! 
kids getting older... harder harder decade.... diet pills!!! whoopie!!! ahhh no!!! booze... 
yeah no ... isolation is the norm 

this has been the best .... improved my relationships with God, husband, my children, understood the importance of building relationships with other humans ... getting comfortable with being uncomfortable... understanding this is growth which leads to a richer life 
so bottom line 

it gets better
and better 
and better 


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

just one single day

can make such a difference 
I feel like a rock star this morning!!! 
I did a Facebook live this morning about people watching you/me 
people are always watching what we do 
how we speak, our moods, our passions 
I want to be an example for my children 
to be bold, courageous, healthy, happy, inspiring 
yeah I have set a tall order for myself!!! wowsa! 
but when you entered college and looked at the syllabus 
you also were probably overwhelmed... like NO WAY!!! I can't do all that 
 but just take the next step
focus on the next thing you have to do 
break things down 
baby steps 
and you will (I will) get there 
it's a journey people 
today I will do better than I did yesterday 

Monday, March 20, 2017

writers block post

so here I sit 
let's see where this post goes .......
clothes shopped over the weekend 
that is a recipe for disaster 
of course I didn't buy anything 
tried on 10's 
yep they fit me solid 
am I happy about that? 
not even a little 
my daughter was by over the weekend and very complimentary 
does that life my spirits? 
what is up with this? why am I so hard on myself? some days I got this (in my head) positive, encouraging, inspiring and yet other days it's like the evil twin is renting space in my head... yikky yaking away and eroding my self esteem... who asked you???!!! 
no I think this is even better... ahhh LEAVE 
I need to serve the evil twin an eviction notice 
no longer welcome! 
get outta here 
go AWAY!!! 
thankfully the damage was minor ... a few days and I will be all good 
but it's the inner erosion 
the damage to self that I don't get 
yep I am a nut case 
lots of prayer for me today 
see yall tomorrow 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

uh oh what's coming?

So I have come to realize I am a dabbler

Definition of dabbler

  1. :  one that dabbles: such asa :  one not deeply engaged in or concerned with something
I don't want to be a dabbler 
This David Woods Podcast made me realize I am a maybe like 70 percent-er 

this sucks 
I have done Netflix binge's why not a self improvement binge? 
but listening to the above mentioned podcast made me realize there are so many things in my life I am kinda... sorta... serious about and health and fitness is the MAJOR area I need to fix this 
I do good... focused and then kapow off track by like a million percent 
it is because I am not a 100% committed 
I have commitment issues 
on a path to revamp my health and fitness commitment 
watch out world 
here I come 
psycho Karla 

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