Sunday, March 10, 2019

Okay this is embarrassing ... oh and love me some Tyra

First let's recap yesterday 
ah win 
so far this week I have used 4.6 of my weeklies 
Today is day #1 of my vacation 
brunch with the Fam ... which will be a snap 
as my EVER healthy daughter is hosting 
and now for the embarrassing part of this post
yes I am 59 (ancient to some of y'all)
I made this graph this morning

and put it in my closet so only I would see it
that's why I am blogging about it for the planet to see it



I think I must be a kindergarten teacher in my soul

but seeing the goal
seeing the progress
seeing it daily
I am counting on this to help
on my Birthday

that's the end game
back in the happy zone

Tony Robbins is Thursday
I am Youtubing up like crazy

I got this
but the beauty?
I only have to worry about today
we only have today
tomorrow isn't even promised
So I am EXCITED to see the whole fam today
stay on track and I will be reporting back here tomorrow along with all da food pixs
tootles me noodles 

Saturday, March 9, 2019

The roaring banana

howdy doody 
I did GREAT yesterday! 
the only thing different was one extra Fiber One brownies 
zero hunger 
and I was a rabbit nibbling all day 
so this is today's plan 
I took the Trader Joe's salad kit and chopped it up more 
and threw away some of the packages 
only used what you can see (that I didn't cover with my hand) 
added chicken and my own dressing 
I loved this soup 
man oh man was this a blast from the past 
I hadn't had it since 2011! 
sandwich with pickle 
snack will be two egg whites 
and ONE fiber one bar 
and a lovely Honeycrisp apple 

and a little relish tray 
with carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and pea pods 
what there is no picture of is my coffee (yes I tracked it!) 
and my breakfast 
which will be same as yesterday 
egg white (4) sandwich on an Oroweat thin 
loving life 
well maybe not at first I woke up with an ANGRY headache 
a few sips of coffee and an Advil 
slept for 2 more hours and I am good to go 
last work day and then vacation for 6 days 
I am attending Tony Robbins in Los Angeles next week 
not gonna lie 
freaked out like bananas 
when I get back from the event 
I will be like 
tootles me peeps 
see ya tomorrow morning 

Friday, March 8, 2019

catching up

so I have been out of the blogging loop 
doing what? 
getting fluffy seemingly 
 this morning I was 156.8 
scale is not going the correct way 
shakes, nah 
Weight Watchers nah 
so I am trying what worked in 2010
so I can get back here 
20 pounds lighter 😒
so food is tracked, counted and measured 
thought is I will blog today and tomorrow morning will be a recap of how my day went
let's give it a whirl... k?  
a fiber One bar as a snack (ah these are not in order) 
soup and a sandwich  
apple and a yogurt 
squash and chicken 
and what I didn't take pictures of is breakfast (haven't made it yet) 
I will have an egg white sandwich 
so that's the plan 
I need this 
I need this accountability to MYSELF 
156.8 this morning 
goal: 135
been there done that and it wasn't so long ago 
just chill, and eat 
doesn't have to be perfectly "clean" 
or anyone else's picture of what a meal plan should look like 
just has to work for me 
this is me working it out for me 
till tomorrow 
because we gotta date .... right here 
And add this! 
And day is complete 
I will recap tomorrow 

Monday, March 4, 2019

turning the page

good morning 
yep I am still alive 
fatter but alive 
this is a WEIGHT LOSS, diet, food and exercise blog 
so let's do this ma peeps 
this morning 154.8

plan for today: 

3 liters of PLAIN water 
45 minutes at the gym 
5 meals (all tracked and in myfitness pal

things I have learned are not sustainable: 
a meal plan based on shakes or bars 

things that have worked for me in the past 
tracking, counting, bloggings 

let's see how this all pans out, shall we? 

tootles till tomorrow 

Thursday, January 10, 2019

day 9 quick

yesterday was on track 
I had 2 shakes and 2 meals  
no work out 
didn't do GREAT :/ on my water  
adding this back in 
1T in my shake  
and this morning 
kinda/sorta a repeat 
but I have the gym this morning
tootles noodles  

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

day 8 recap

remembering to take a picture is hard 
I forgot several times yesterday 
but let me recap y'all 
coffee.. ah duh
2 shakes with unsweetened almond milk 
1/4 c egg whites 
1 T MCT oil 
and cold coffee  
2 salads 
I made these small only 3-4 ounces of a protein 
so ....
okay TRUTH BOMB here 
I was HUNGRY last night after work but BEFORE my study group 
and I had an hour to kill 
I went to McDonalds and ordered a double cheeseburger NO BUN 
I didn't eat the cheese 
only the meat, pickles, onions and ketchup  
and this morning I was all good 
and I tell you what??!! 
that "cheeseburger" (no cheese no bun) 
was delish!!!!!  
tootles my noodles 
no workout this morning 
but on da plan like a Boss 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

yesterday was day 7

so this is going to be lickety split quick
I have to get ready for the gym
grits and egg whites  
baked vegetables  
salad #1  
salad #2  
the baked veggies with 100G rice and 3 ounces of protein 
can't find 
another meal with spaghetti squash and 3 ounces chicken  
yeah still smiling 
but ah nah 
yesterday's weigh in 
vs this mornings 
so the whole "mini meal" more food less shakes and bars experiment
ah fail....
back to de ole drawing board..... er what works ie.... 2 shakes and 2 meals and a bar
sheesh when will dis dope every learn
well fo sure I can say this! 
see you tomorrow..... 
less of me that is 

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