Sunday, July 24, 2016

Nope not the same.... nope nope nope

I am not a soda drinker.... 
me .... I do like my frozen yogurt
so is a calorie a calorie?  
I think I (and probably you) know this to be true 
when I was on Weight Watchers in 2010 losing my weight 
I was the 100 calorie pack Queen 
and guess what I re gained most of my weight back 
43 pounds to be exact 
So I am on a mission to eat clean and get those 43 pounds off 
I am more than half way 
26 down 
17 to go 
I have to CONSTANTLY remind myself 
see above note Karla 
so remember 
tootles me lovies 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

be kind to yourself Lucy

this I am not good at 
I am the poster child for the yo yo dieter 
and it is/has been hard on my body and mind 
is it the same for you? not just a physical but mental journey 
my mind has to be right to get my body to the place I want it 
I am working on this 
I am a work in progress 
right now the train kind of de-railed but I am working to get back on track 
ahh yeah.... no 
today will just be about slow baby steps in the right direction 
I was planning drastic.... but that usually spins me the wrong way 
so slow steady back on track 
lets see how this goes 
tootles till tomorrow bloggity crew 

more on change

Recruit your inner warrior
open that can of whoop ass!!! 
go out and make things happen!!! 
but also understand you aren't alone 
ask for help 
change can be overwhelming 
there is no shame in asking for help 
being a loner most of my life this was hard 
but in my professional life 
I am sooooo not afraid to ask for help 
actually I am that annoying person you wish 
would shut up with the questions in the meetings 
 Do whatever is necessary to make change easy on yourself. You're worth it!
tootles me bloggity crew 

Friday, July 22, 2016

everyone is afraid to fail....

change means stepping out of your comfort zone... 
taking risks.. 
risking failure 
but if you don't take a risk you don't grow 
what is the one thing that you (me, I)
could do today that would change things for you (me)??
understanding that each and every action has a reaction ... 
good or bad and this is the lesson 
eat cookies ~~~~ get fat 
so what to do ... what to do???? lay down and throw in the towel... give up??? 
no no no no no 
so there is a place in my life that is freaking TERRIFYING me right now 
like scaring the ba-gee-gees outta me 
but am I running? no... I am leaning in 
pushing up against that which is scaring me... 
why am I afraid? .... why are you afraid? 
is it fear? 
I know mine is.... 
I am afraid of failing but if I never start.... then immediately I am failing 
and that's not going to happen
I may stumble, go slow... slower than others but if I don't push myself I won't ever know 
there is no fail... when you are trying/learning 
then you are on the path and you just stumbled 
maybe hear a No or two? 
go backwards? gain when you wanna lose? 
you just  pick yourself up and keep going towards the goal 
tootle tee doo folks 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

What's your dream?

do you have a dream? a vision for your life? 
I struggle with this... what are my goals? 
weight goals? 
financial goals? 
I just am discovering my vision is very small... I am a small thinker 
I struggle to think of myself as a person that can make a difference 
bold... I ain't 
that's scary territory
but I keep on keeping on 
pushing myself out of my comfort zone 
acting like.... yeah I got this 
but really on the inside 
I kind of got distracted in today's post 
but someone told me to focus on my goals 
not sure what they are 
I think I aim too low 
time to raise the bar 
oops the other kind of bar 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

stop thinking and start doing

do you have to figure it all out? 
what are ya going to do? when? how? how many fat grams? how many carbs? keto?
 so much figuring out usually means we are not moving... 
we are just planning/figuring/preparing... 
but there is NO FORWARD movement 
are you stuck in the "I gotta figure this out" moment? 
overthinking everything? 
start DOING!!!! move forward.... get out of your own way!! 
.... note to self...."Karla this advise is for you" 
so today... get out of your own way
 and just go out there 
and do what you know needs to get done
without over analyzing the heck out of it! 
be a doer....
go forth and do .... do 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Team you

welllll you could start with Stop complaining 
Are you complaining about being in the situation you're in?
Or are you blaming others? 
Or have you accepted full responsibility for your situation 
to only be beating  yourself up for not making the change?
 well.... don't play the victim 
this is just you giving away your power 
even if you blame yourself 
 so get out of your own way 
stop blaming 
grab your power and 
move forward 
be on team YOU!! 
okay kinda too much 
even for me today 
but ya get my drift... yeah? 
complaining is not helping you change 
it is keeping you stuck in the problem 
hench the rah rah 

tootles my bloggity homies

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