Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pug life

Jack is VERY interested when I am in the kitchen making my food 

he is always WATCHING me 
"hey Mom" 
"what ya doing" 
morning meal prep 

I still haven't made it all day and taken pictures of everything I have eaten 

today I forgot 
bean soup... with cooked cabbage 
and a bucket load of hot sauce 
skinny... er but smelly 

having meals handy is definitively helping 

I just need to get my arse on my treadmill 
just 2-3 miles a day  

but food has been better 

day # 2 is the books 

Monday, August 24, 2015

back at it

morning coffee creamer 
half SF vanilla 
half unsweetened almond milk 

and this is why I am back to blogging: 
I have to get my picture taken tomorrow 
for the new store's opening ad 
I have NOTHING that fits 
sheesh why did I wait so freaking long! 
Tomorrow I will have to go buy a shirt! 

3 egg whites 
1/3 c oats 
forgot to take a picture 

Trader Joe's find 

added to some veggies and chicken 

and 2 T of this yummo dressing 

oh dang 
I forgot to take another picture
a Muscle milk light 
160 calories  

a delicious salad 

some watermelon 

and SF Carb delight frozen yogurt 
a "losing" day 
nighty night 

Sunday, August 23, 2015


New Weight watchers... works 
old Weight Watchers .... works 
Whole 30.... works 
Paleo .... works 
Beach Body... works 
Clean eating... works 
My Fitness pal tracking .... works 
The Kelly diet (old trainer) ..... works 

but if my head is in the wrong place nothing works 

so whats the plan? 

maybe I will do a month of each? a week of each? 

wait... what??!!

I blog... blogged ... I used to blog all the time because it was a tool
accountability for my food 

and I blogged less and less 
and now this is me... 
standing in front of a closet full of clothes that don't fit 
like crap 

I have gained so much back 
almost 40 pounds 
yep that's me 
I am a re-gainer 

but I blogged less still 
the whole acting as if 
well no more 

I am back 

If I bite it I take a picture of it 
no one can do this but me 
no one can help me but me 

there is no magic cure
no magic trainer 
no magic food plan 
just f%$*ing do it!!! 
so here come the boring asp blog posts 

but sorry folks 
this blog is about me
for me 
an accountability tool 

starting weigh in in the AM 


Monday, August 3, 2015

why oh why?

five steps forward (work days) 

count them!!! five five good days ... on track 
on point 


2 GIANT steps back (days off) 

but I do believe I have a saboteur in my midst 

add that to my weak resolve 
this is a set up for failure 

so before I do the flip out on this individual 

I am going to pack my food 
new Karla House rule 
NO eating after 7 PM 

wish me luck 

sheesh this is getting old 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tuesday and Wednesday

yesterday was training. I train at 5 AM for an hour... speed off home, shower and on the freeway off to work by 6:30 ... I make it but I am usually makeup free and it takes me the entire hour commute to cool down. I shower and I am clean but still hot
any whosle
I love training days... look at that beautiful Exercise column!!!
today's plan
today will be an average work day so I am curious to see the exercise at the end of the day. My Fitbit sync's with the My Fitness pal so that is cool
also a note: it is not just about the calories for my choices... it is about the food... no frozen yogurt, basically nothing other than what is on the food lists... (I put them at the top NFT) and coming home after a 12 hour day... I commute an hour each way and I work 10 hour days .... ahhhh the glamorous life of a grocery store manager .... sheesh...
oops what was I saying before I was boo hooing ....
ahhh it has helped by me figuring out something to eat when I get home... I am usually in bed by 8:30... home by 6:45 but this short time frame has always been my nemesis
okay I am back... felt silly with the other format... like I am starting over? REALLY111??? life goes on
Karla out 

Monday 7/27

this is day #2 with no coffee creamer. I am happy to report that the world has not shifted on it's axis... The stars are still in the sky. Life can go forward with no coffee creamer....
Plan for today and recap of yesterday
Yesterday's calories: 1391 kind of high but I did have an evening snack and did not binge so I am good with that
Your Daily Goal1,21076341512,30045
carbs were under 100 win! and I did good on the protein... no wonder I was cool with the evening snack, also my sugar was excellent!!!
so today:
blue diamond almonds - almond breeze almond coconut, 1 cup441311230 
Iso-100 - Hydrolyzed 100% Whey Protein Isolate Vanilla, 29.2 g1101025900 
Kroger - Quick Cook Oatmeal, 0.33 cup uncooked100182401 
Egg Whites - Large, 3 large (33 g)5110111651 
Chicken - Chicken, 4.0 oz16004131090 
Harvest Sensations - Kale Salad, 3 cup871806906 
Cabbage, raw, 1 cup, chopped22501163 
Cottage cheese - Lowfat, 2% milkfat, 0.5 cup (not packed)10242164590 
Dole - Pears, 1 cup9021011018 
Perdue - Ground Turkey Breast, 4 oz (112g)1200128550 
Broccoli - Broccoli Steamed, 2 cup60715603 
Fage - Yogurt Non-fat, 1 Cup1009023859 
Strawberries - .strawberries, 8 oz7240003 
Quest - Oreo Protein Bar, 1 bar180227213101 
Your Daily Goal1,21076341512,30045 
as you can see I am using the My Fitness Pal app 
I will recap tomorrow about today's plan and success which I know is in the bag!!! off to get ready for work in my new threads
th (1)
Karla out