Tuesday, May 24, 2016

a day in the life

day off today...
gym done

as I was walking out of the gym this morning the guy at the desk told me
I had a funny face on my back, he took a picture and showed me 

proof... good work out ... sweaty shirt 
home and breakfast 

planning my day 

days off seem to derail me 

so I have to have a good plan 

I will also stay busy 
clean my car
go for a long walk..... just to get out of the house 
plan for success!!! 
tootles bloggity folks 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

okay here's the dealeeoo

down 3 pounds this week 
I was 158.8 Monday 
this morning 155.8
I am looking forward the ole scale going 
okay okay calm down girl 

back to your regularly scheduled post 

can you spell yummo!!! 

the Besto'Pesto was one of the best 
zucchini noodles were sooooo good! 

just the right amount of everything 

and I totally was able to build a healthy day of food around 
I added shakes, breakfast even yogurt 

and of course the gym 
red faced after leg day 
in the gym making the fat strip away!!! 
boo yah -> insert punching emoji here 

this was perfect I didn't even realize but I chose 
higher carb choices for leg day 
the mashed sweet potato was perfection!!! 

now this one.... 
mixed review with a disclaimer 
LOVED the flavor of the turkey and rice 
the cilantro lime flavor was TO DIE FOR 
the green beans meh 
but I love my green beans COOKED 
these were a little al dente rubbery 
I picked them off 
and then proceeded to devour the rest!!! 

close up 

and another 

So I have 2 more meals in the freezer 
I know the perfect situation is to not freeze these meals 
but I have to drive a bit to get them 
and didn't want them to go bad 
so compromise
but I will most definitely be going back and getting more 
I think I will try on line ordering 

definitely adding My Fit Foods to my go to list 

Monday, May 16, 2016

My Fit Foods

who would have thought!!!!

My fit foods would be so amazing!!! 

Salmon cake and asparagus 

260 calories, perfect for a meal 

and then.... 


300 calories and amazing 

I may have found a go to place!!! 

easy, convenient, affordable 
who da thunk it!!! 

side note: dear My Fit Foods company I am available as a spokesperson

too dumb?

I am thinking of doing something kind of silly 

a challenge ... an "official" challenge 

of course I won't say which one ... don't want anyone knowing ... I would feel stupid 

but why not? 

goals I have been reading help 
short term, and long term ... 
short term: get up, dressed, brush my teeth and get to the gym 
short term: stick to my food plan today 
longer term: have a good food/activity week 
6 month goal: complete challenge? 

sound too dumb? 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

trying something new

I always cook my meals 
sometimes I overcook them 
like mushy overcooked and I make in advance 
and truthfully I am a little nervous to eat them 
because I am not sure if I have the recalled vegetables in them 

so .... 

I am going to try My Fit Foods this week 

my regular breakfast of 5 egg whites and an egg, oatmeal or Ezekiel toast 

2 Shakes 

and 2 of the My Fit Foods meals 

so here are tomorrows meals 

and I bought 8 meals 

it was $64 
That's only $8 a meal and I am set for the week 
4 days of food and I cleanse 48 hours so I am good to go this week 

easy peasy 

now I am off to chillax and veg out to Iron Man
we went to see Captain America: Civil war (amazing) 
and it got me on a Marvel kick 


Hey yo where ya been?

hi dee ho!! 
I am still plugging along 
things are actually going GREAT!!! 
in the gym 5-6 times a week 
working out with my trainer 3 days a week 
losing losing losing 

this has been my weight loss since I returned from Hawaii which was December 2015

I have my bad days 

but I am rolling rolling along. I have good support ... my trainer, some gals and a few Facebook groups also I have been using my commute time wisely (I am in the car 2 hours every day ... boo)  


OMG this one hit's close to home! 
I can totally relate to this book 

she is amazing!!! 

so more later 
hope all is well 

today: breakfast with the hubs 
nails with the kiddo 
chill time 

later taters 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

good morning

well yesterday went well
no gym though

gym today
I stayed within my caloric limit and I feel good this morning....
working my way back 160.2 this morning
maybe tomorrow morning I will see the 150's again

so today I am off
food is all prepped for they day
and chores. I will keep myself busy today so I don't
lose track and fly off into another binge

I have been blowing my my Instagram feed with positive sayings
I need to stay focused on the positive!!!

later taters

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