Saturday, December 26, 2009

December 26

My treadmil isn't here yet but that didn't stop me I went for a walk
and I saw some pretty sights

I am going out returning today with my daughter, I had a egg white and ham and onion burrito with Laughing cow and on an 80 calorie tortilla shell (egg white burrito) and I am going to look for the tofu noodles that are mentioned in the Hungry Girl cookbook, my daughter got for me yesterday for Christmas

Me and Oprah, thats what I was thinking about as I was walking and why did I wait until age 50?

Well me and Oprah we go up and we go down in our weight, we are both yo yo dieters, but I think I am going to switch to Valerie Harper (remember the old Rhoda show in the 70's?) she lost all her weight and kept it off (or so I think!!!) I sure don't want to be Kristi Alley!!!

Why at 50?? ah why not??

So my ponderings.....
To tan or not to tan??
Nails natural? or Acrylic?
Hair dyed? or Natural? or box dye to brown?

AAHHH my life is so not complicated

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  1. here's my two cents...

    yes on the tan.
    natural nails...definitely. acrylics are just so...well...fake.
    my hair is natural which means i'm about 30% gray...and it's all in the front around my face. i'm thinking about adding some color to even it out and make me look younger. so...i'd have to say MODERATE don't want to be 80 with unnatural looking dark hair, imo.

    i'm loving your blog!


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