Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Post #11

So I think I almost have this uploading the pictures thing, you gotta do it backwards!

So today I totally stayed within my points, and this taking the picture thing is really working, I walked over to Target and I thought about buying a small popcorn, but then thought "I need to take a picture of it first, no... not worth the trouble of going up to my office, getting the camera and taking the picture" So this blog is working!!! I had the Trader Joes egg white salad with spinach, feta and parm, oh oh yummy!!
I actually thought to myself how am I going to handle when I go to meetings? Do I just whip out the camera and take a picture? NO the men with the funny jackets will come running, LOL ..... those days I will just journal

Tomorrow is my first weigh in, it is the 7th and I started on 1-1-10 so this is where things get a little dicey for me, if it isn't "good enough" I get discouraged, but I won't quit, remember my promise? A FULL year of food blogging. I also took a picture of the vitamnins I take daily

Still need to figure out a sign off.... humm I will go blogg stalking tonight :)


  1. Hey Sis,
    You know when the year is over you'll have enough material to write a book! Now wouldn't that be supper cool.

    Tell me more about this wierd Tadder Joes salad...cold egg whites? What is it like a modified egg salad or is it a spinach salad with egg whites added?

    Love your blog!!

  2. Trader Joes is a local market (Google it) It is an egg white salad that is heavenly, when you come I will have some for you to try uber yummy


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