Thursday, January 7, 2010

Post #12

I lost 8.4 LBS!!!

I rock!!! So today went great! was my day off. I got my eyebrows waxed, no more bush woman, ugh. Went to DSW with my daughter (Erin, holding apple) and also involved this year with getting more comfortable in my skin is clothes, and shoes! I am tired of being someone that Stacy and Clinton would love to get a hold of (What not to Wear, duh!!) By the end of the year, sweat shirts and mens T shirts and athletic shoes will only be allowed during treadmill time, which I must say with some dissapointment has yet to arrive :(

Notes on todays eats:
1. I love, love, love frozen yogurt and will try to limit it to days off.
2. Hungry Girl Cookbook is my new cooking manual, the Rockin Tuna Casserole was fan-tab-ulous
3. I only ate like 3 baby carrots, but still I took the picture
4. Need to mix up my breakfast a tad, don't want to get bored
5. I also had 2 liters of water and 3 diet sodas

Also I am still struggling with the whole picture upload thing, I will get it perfected in time

See ya tomorrow, less of me that is .....


  1. Hey, Good Work!! You're doing it! I think its a great idea to get out of the running to be on the "what not to wear" show. *lol* I know I make it a priority to shower and get dressed every day. The days I don't I really end up feeling pretty low. With two tiny kids it takes some effort to do this every day. Jammies would be oh so easy, but I see the difference when I stay out of those. =)

  2. I think for me I love to blame everything on my weight, "oh I can't wear that I am too big" but shoes... no excuse there, so I am going back to DSW on payday and get a few pairs. Also being overweight and going shopping, I will get upset, because that is face to face, me vs the mirror!! LOL .... soes a definite start :)


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