Saturday, January 9, 2010

Post #14

OK, the menu for the day. I bought some salmon at TJ's and needed to use it so I tried a Hungry Girl kinda recipe. It was good!! It made a lot though, and soooo filling!!! I really think weight loss (for me) is getting off my duff and not being lazy. Lets face it making food, planning and shopping to eat healthy takes a little bit of work, hench this blog, make it fun and accountable at the same time and see the results! ohh....that's some big talk for a blog owner of less than a month!!

See ya tomorrow...... Less of me that is


  1. YOUR BLOG IS HELPING ME GET BACK ON TRACK!!!! Today (after last night's chocolate binge) I stepped away from free potato chips and bought some of the Trader Joes egg salad (after I had to drive around NW 23rd area for about 15 minutes finding TJs! - I was determined!) And you are right - this egg white salad is fabulous!

    Now any suggestions for how I can get my avocado fix without eating the entire avocado or the entire container of dip?


  2. have a half of a pita with sliced turkey, tomato, and avocado with a low fat ranch dressing for breakfast. I used to have this every morning..... umm maybe I will start again, does satisfy the avocado hungries


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