Sunday, January 10, 2010

Post # 15

Then when I got home last night there was an envelope from UPS freight, remember how I ordered my treadmill online from Costco on December 4th and am STILL waiting for it, well UPS was kind enough to inform me …

1. They have been unable to contact my by phone….. Huh? not EVEN one message on the machine from UPS!! oops after checking the machine, apparently it isn't working...
2. And If I didn’t answer within 30 days they would have to sell the freight…. Ah WHAT!!!???
3. Oh and by the way we are charging you a daily fee…. Huh??
4. Oh the way the letter was dated December 14th, and postmarked January 7th


So my utmost apologies to the Costco company, how did I ever doubt you??? Now I have to get a hold of UPS and fight this fight

Ok enough ranting back to the food part. I ate good today 100% on plan, kept within my 25 points. I really like cutting up the fruit and having it like a salad. Feel like it's fancy fruit salad, oh maybe I will by some cherries next time!!

Also this blog is helping me to not eat the same thing every day, so I am not getting bored by the same food day in and day out. What to try next??? hummmm....

See ya tomorrow, Less of me that is ......

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