Friday, January 15, 2010

Post #21

I went over on my points, growl... I didn't write everything as diligently as usual, only by 2 so it's no biggie. I have been posting my oranges and you may be wondering why they look so funky, its a navel and a blood orange!! really good!! Tomorrow is my day off and I have so much to do!! Cleaner's to get my work shirts, Trader Joe's, Costco, maybe Ralph's (??) Scott wants to go out for breakfast and make chicken soup for dinner. He loves to make chicken soup!

This is the first time I had the Amy burrito and it was good, I will buy them again

I need to kick the Parmesan cheese habit!! seriously!! I love it so much though, need to start thinking about a substitute... this is why sometimes I use the laughing cow wedge instead of the Parmesan cheese. More control over the portion

See ya tomorrow.... Less of me that is

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