Saturday, January 16, 2010

Post #22

Kind of a weird eating day. We went out to breakfast, I didn't order a coffee because I would have added half and half to it and as it is I haven't been counting my sugar free creamer, so I didn't want to stress that.

I went and super stocked up for the next 2 weeks. All day running around!! When I got home I made the Hungry Girl Smores marshmallow treats, super good!! I re-did the math and they are 3 points for the size I cut up. I have 6 baggies of treats for my lunches. I also tried the butternut squash, man it was expensive!! Going to have to shop around a bit for it, get the best price. It was good though. The Hungry Girl cookbook has a lot of recipes for it. Oh and I figured out why my Skinny Cows are sticking to my fingers and teeth so much??!! I bought the sugar free ones (blue package) when I normally buy the regular ones, so now I have both!!

See ya tomorrow.... Less of me that is


  1. Great photos! I love me some butternut squash! Its sooo delish! Hope you find some cheapers ones soon.


  2. I am definitly going to be making more things with squash!!


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