Sunday, January 17, 2010

Post #23

Today's menu was super yum!! The egg salad from Trader Joe's is becoming old (as in boring) I have 2 more in the fridge, but that will be the last of these for me for a while, I want to try tuna and hummus, my son, Bob says it is a good combination, so I will try it this week in my lunch. The spinach pizza from TJ's was good! Remember when I made the cucumber salad with onions and it was disgusting?? all I put in it was the white vinegar, well I caved and bought the Costco kind again, and in reading the label, you have to add sugar, duh!! Well I bought 2 containers of the cucumber salad, so after they are gone I will attempt to make it again myself. Hubby made dinner. So good!! I used to calculate the meat points and had 6 left for the day, figured I used that in the carrots and Scott used margarine in the mushrooms and onions and also in the carrots. I may have actually gone over today... don't know?

the popcorn was last night's snack

See ya tomorrow.... Less of me that is

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