Thursday, January 21, 2010

Post #27

Today was a good weigh in, I lost 1.6 last week!! Woot, Woot!! But menu and food wise today was a total downer. I started off with Eggo's and almost stinky cottage cheese. Not bad... but ALMOST. Then the oranges had an old taste. Then something good to know about Fage yogurt. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fage, but I did learn something today. Fage must be eaten at home. I put the honey and the candied walnuts in it. off to work I go..... lunch time and I open the Fage, it had separated kinda a weird watery almost brown like separation, I thought to heck with this!! I mixed it all up and ate it, it tasted good, but made it not so fun... Then I had butternut squash left over from the weekend so I thought I would take it, mix it with laughing cow and yum, yum. Right? ahhhh NOT!! also a downer, was more like a huge thing of mashed up baby food and I didn't get all the weird slippy squash guts out. SO............... I am at work and have had a good weigh in, lousy food for the day so I just bought a 1.5 liter of water and drank up 2 of those WW drinks just to make me full so I wouldn't eat, because at this point the chips, and nuts are looking pretty good.... Driving home and Hubby had worked late so I just picked him up Mexican food so I figured to heck with it again and just had a yogurt for dinner

The Tupperware picture was an experiment in tuna tasting. I only had a TINY taste of each they were made with 4 different kinds of mayo, dang if they didn't all taste the same!! sheesh.... So I will go with the lowest calorie one. Seriously I couldn't taste any difference!!

See ya tomorrow.... Less of me that is

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