Sunday, January 24, 2010

Post # 30

Massive picture day!! Sorry when I don't work and I eat several times a day and I need to take pictures, this is my blog theme... so any ho ha
The skinny cow was from last night

we went to breakfast I ordered a egg white omelet with onions and mushrooms and boy oh boy did I get what I ordered!!! It was stuffed with onions and mushrooms!~!! too much I only ate a half of a slice of toast with jam (no butter) and part of the bananas... I don't like eating out. I am not that comfortable with controlling the portions

so anyway 2 carrots later with a turkey sandwich, on Oroweat thins with mustard (side note ...isn't Jack the cutest pug EVER??!!)

Frozen yogurt and then we went to the movies, saw Daybreakers.... ah not so great, not horrible if you are a vampire movie junky like me but not in the top 10... anyway those are pistachio's ...I skipped the popcorn too many points in the movie theatre kind!!

For dinner the family ordered pizza, to accompany the football game. No pizza for me so I had 2 garden burgers and broccoli... and later I will have popcorn. So I stayed within my points today.

See ya tomorrow.... Less of me that is

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