Saturday, January 30, 2010

Post # 36

After I used the treadmill this morning, I was so excited to try the chocolate coconut spread, I put it in the Fage yogurt, oh it was TERRIBLE!!! I think it needs to go into something hot, like oatmeal or grits. So I ate half of it (4 points worth, insert profanities here ____) then ate the carrots, mushrooms and onions to fill up. Still felt like I needed breakfast type food so I ate the Bimbo toast and cottage cheese. I tried new vitamins today Women's One A Day plus for Women 50+ did not feel sick!~! My new vitamin!! The salad has romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, tiny bit of turkey, 122 g of cottage cheese and 3 plain bread sticks crumbled up to make it feel like croutons and Kraft light creamy Cesar (32g) I have been weighing and measuring pretty much everything.
You will notice the popcorn is burned, I like it this way!! I go back to work tomorrow so I went to Yogurt Delight and tried half sugar free chocolate and half peanut butter (4 points) and it was good, but I think I am a vanilla gal, some women LOVE chocolate, me I am Mrs. Vanilla!!!
Dinner was kind of funky soup with 10 g of Parmesan and Bimbo toast with a one point container of WW cream cheese and I measured the hummus also. So tomorrow I am back to work after 5 days off, usually when I am off I have always struggled so much with staying on program but this blog has really made keeping on track almost, dare I say it?? Do I dare vocalize it??? EASY!!!

See ya tomorrow.... Less of me that is

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  1. wow...your food always looks so yummy! i'm like you...i struggle more when i'm at home and i'm making food for the kids. it's hard especially if i make something i really like, like mexican food or something like that.

    good for you for staying strong this week!


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