Friday, January 1, 2010

Post #4

Good Morning 2010
Well today is the official kick off day. My weight in 2010 blogspot!!! I want 2010 to be about doing not wishing, hoping, trying, attempting, struggling, but about DOING it!!! A few nights back I was watching the movie Because I said So, OMG!!! I love love love this movie!! I told my hubby I want to age like Dianne Keeton, he replies to me "babe you are better than Diane Keeton"

Huh?? "no way, she is stylish, witty and SKINNY!!!" to which he replies "with you everything is about your weight, that is a tragedy"

I can't stop thinking about this, I don't want to be a tragedy.....

So good by 2009 and Hello 2010. Maybe I will put some pictures on my walls in 2010??? So today I am off. I hope my store is okay, I have already called (obsess much??) they are going to okay, ........AAAHH last night driving home my friend says to me "Maybe they are going to transfer you??!!" because I asked my boss if we could redo the office and he told me to wait..........YIKES!!!! I WOULD NOT be happy, I love my store. Yeah it's hard and it's far (I drive 72 miles everyday) but it's my store, mine, mine, mine, mine, er okay maybe they let me run it .......... shhesh such a technicality LOL

No like Scarlett said "I will think about that tomorrow"

So more about today and how I am going to keep on track This little WW jewel will be my friend, so today I will pay bills, clean out the refrig and grocery shop, lotsa WW friendly foods and that TJ eggwhite salad and those weird noodly tofu things. Now that cooking attempt I wwill most certainly post!!!

OK here I am 2010, not a lot of resolutions, they scare me!! Just want to start doing and stop all the talking about in 2010

No... only one resolution in 2010, this blog, I will keep it and be honest in it, (no WW lies!!) No matter the course I will post, my success and my struggles. Yeah 2010!!!

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