Saturday, January 2, 2010

Post #6

So how did WW go today? Good!
egg white burrito, I used La Tortilla factory whole wheat tortilla 80 calories !! They ROCK!!, snack: apple, lunch: 2 ounces corn beef with carrots and cabbage, snack: popcorn and for dinner 3 ounces prime rib, 7 ounces potato, broccoli, margarine and prime rib dipping stuff

total 27 points :)

I did my hair color myself!! They liked it at work so I was relieved.

I did my BMI today oh bad, bad, bad 32.1 YIKES!!! well everyone starts somewhere right? I think my goal for now will be to just fit into all my work pants I have about 8 pair of size 16 work pants and only 2 fit!!

I discovered an amazing author Nalini Singh a paranormal romance. Slave to Sensation, I loved it so much I went out and got 4 more of her books! If her other books are as awesome as this one is I am in for some good reading!!

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