Monday, January 4, 2010

Post #9

Ok this is to weird, my computer died. Like it is dead. Dead. Throw the dirt on top like dead. So here is what I ate today
I will add the pictures after administering CPR to the computer
Egg white burrito

2 oranges
Blueberries and WW yogurt
Trader Joes Egg white salad (super yummy) on 2 pieces of Bimbo high fiber dry toast

2 Garden Burgers with squash

Also I need to note because I took a picture to post, my skinny Co Manager ate today a yogurt, donuts and Doritos. Who ever said life is fair?

Whatever, skinny will feel good. Better than dumb ole Dorritos

Oh, oh so so GROSS. Last night I threw out a Raspberry jam from the refrigerator that had expired 9/1997. Yuck!! Mega nasty

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