Friday, January 8, 2010

Post #13

So the popcorn and diet coke were last night's snack... I had Fage yogurt for breakfast!!! WOW that is the best yogurt ever, I added honey and the walnuts. When I weighed the walnuts I though jee's pee's why bother? but after breaking them up and mixing them into the yogurt, it was the BEST!!! I made the huge work food lunch bag, The stuff in the back (large container of unidentifiable grub) is a green salad, lettuce, cukes, tomatoes, cottage cheese and light Caesar dressing,

I am on Nalini Singh's third book, Caressed by Ice her second book was almost the exact same plot as the first, but this one is already better than the second.

I am so uber bummer out about my treadmill, I ordered it from Costco 12/4/09 that is one month and 4 days ago!!! and I still haven't received it yet!! if it doesn't come by Monday then I will go to the local Costco and fight the good fight. Man such a drag...

See ya tomorrow, less of me that is .....

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