Monday, February 1, 2010

Post # 38

Breakfast was soy chorizo with reduced fat cheese egg whites on a La I took to work : HUGE salad, fruit salad made with nectarine, orange, pineapple and a kiwi, 2 bran muffins, a yogurt and a turkey sandwich. The 3 plain bread sticks I crumbled into the salad like croutons and the pickles I put on the sandwich.........dinner was the tofu shirataki noodles with half a cup of the TJ sauce..........yummy Yogurt Delight.........I am typing in this blog entry munching on the popcorn

You know it is funny when you start to lose, now I have only lost 13 pounds BUT why is it that the same work pants I have worn like forever all of a sudden look tacky?? hummm they are looser, this is true but I have always felt they were appropriate work clothes yet they felt tacky today... strange...

See ya tomorrow.... Less of me that is

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