Thursday, February 4, 2010

Post # 41

YEAH!!! I lost 1.8 last's working!!

Breakfast was peanut butter and waffles, kind of high in points, don't know that I will have it again??? but it was good!! maybe just half a serving of peanut butter next time. I weighed it out and used the serving size on the jar. It was almost too much peanut butter

Food I took to work: didn't have any salad makings so I went with broccoli and 2 Garden burgers, Bimbo toast with ww cream cheese and Hummus, WW yogurt and oranges. I also took the zero point ww soup, took the picture at work, because when I make the pot of soup I freeze all the portions and it looked yucky all frozen.

I stopped at my favorite place on the way home, I work such long hours and with the commute eating a big dinner is just not practical. When I got home I did the dishes, took out the trash and went to say goodnight to Scott (hubby) and 5 minutes later he was snoring!!! **LOL** so having a big dinner just isn't in the cards for me, just another reason I pack so much food for work

See ya tomorrow.... Less of me that is

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