Saturday, February 6, 2010

Post # 43

Different post.... shopping today

Whole Foods Peanut sauce, I got it to put on the Shiratake tofu noodles

cases of the 1 liter size water
lunch meat
fruit salad bowl
Oroweat thins
Oroweat thin bagels (thought I would try them = 1 point)
Fish Oil
English cucumbers
FF chicken Broth
White albacore tuna

Trader Joe's

Fage Greek yogurt
Egg White salad
Spinach pizza (I froze them this time = 1 or 2 points each??)
Cherry tomatoes
Better than Peanut Butter (never tried it, has only 2 g of fat!!!)
Frozen green beans
3 different kinds of veggie burgers for variety
Redulted Guilt Brand Roasted Vegetable Couscous (fellow blogger recommendation) Soyaki (for my chopped Suey, Bob also likes it for his tofu)
Popped corn, this may be a problem...

Sugar Free coffee creamer
light sour cream
WW Vanilla yogurt
Clausen Pickles sandwich slices
Fiber One 90 calorie bars (fellow blogger recommendation)
WW shredded Mexican Cheese
Bean dip (will use for bean burritos... smaller can)
Low Fat whole grain Eggo waffles
I got other misc food and houshold items, but these items I needed for the next 10 days

Still need Soy Chorizo and salad makins I buy almost every day I will post my food later

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