Sunday, February 7, 2010

Post #45

Good day!! I tried this new Peanut Butter I got at Trader Joe's (another blogger recommended) and I LOVE IT!!! the Skippy is 5 points for a serving and this kind was only 2 points!! and seriously you can not tell the difference, now if I can just hide it from daughter it may last, Erin is a peanut-butter-holic **LOL**

I tried the Fiber One Bar, on my way to work, very yummy.

Work food was 4 point salad, 3 point fruit salad, Trader Joe's egg salad on Bimbo toast and a WW yogurt

Came home to full swing Super Bowl event, I ate a bunch of veggies, no dip though so was totally good

Dinner was Trader Joe's veggie burger, seriously I love love love these!! my new favorite!! so so good, with green beans and a point worth of Parmesan cheese

and popcorn :)

wait........... wait a dad gum minute!! ........... no frozen yogurt??? na I didn't induldge today ..... *LOL*

See ya tomorrow.... Less of me that is

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