Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Post # 48

Today was kinda weird, I felt like I overate, but I was totally within my points, weird....
Breakfast was Soy Choizo burrito - 5 points
Work food: fruit salad is in the picture, but my daughter ate it so ignore
carrots and cherry tomatoes - 0 points
Fiber One bar - 1
sandwich with turkey, mustard, and hummus on a Oroweat thing - 4
Fage with Honey and walnuts - 5
carrots - 0
Trader Joes egg white salad - 2
Bimbo dry toast - 2
Yogurt Delight - 4
so in doing the math 5+1+4+5+2+2+4=23

I am allowed 24 so I am okay, I think because I tried to eat most everything before 2 pm, because I weigh in the morning and wanted all day to burn the calories, but I also drank 2 liters of water and right this moment I feel like there won't be a loss tomorrow, but we will see. I haven't posted any more pictures of my treadmill times, but I have been consistent, 20 minutes EVERY morning, haven't missed a morning yet!!

See ya tomorrow.... Less of me that is

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