Saturday, February 13, 2010

Post # 52

I think I ate under my points today

Breakfast was egg white with onions, Soy Jack Cheese on an Oroweat thin

Work food: Bimbo toast with cottage cheese, carrots, cherry tomatoes, and jiacama, WW yogurt, PB&J on a Oroweat Bagel thin (I love that Better N Peanut Butter!!! only 2 points for a serving!!!)and broccoli with veggie patties and 10 g of Parmesan cheese. The veggie patties from Trader Joe's are so good!! Dr P... something, I have them pictured in an older post, but they are good!!

Dinner was Shirataki tofu noodles, half cup of sauce and another 10 g of Parmesan and popcorn for late night munchies.

So I did good today, I even got up and did my 20 minutes on the treadmil, although I may NEVER get out of bed tomorrow!!! **LOL**

See ya tomorrow.... Less of me that is

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