Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Post # 63

Weigh in is tomorrow morning. Last week was kind of disappointing so hopefully tomorrow will be better. I took more work food and was totally done eating today about 4 pm (heard this helps may be doo doo but whatever)

Breakfast: Soy Chorizo and onions and egg white burrito

work food: 1 cup blueberries with blueberry Greek yogurt (I am back on with the Greek yogurt, it was SO good!!!) egg white salad on Bimbo toast, a turkey, mustard and hummus sandwich on a Oroweat thin, PB&J on Oroweat Bagel thin (love me some Better N Peanut Butter)cucumber salad, Vitatop the double chocolate :) and Special K Krisp bar. I took the honey in case I needed it for the yogurt but I didn't

I have a meeting all day tomorrow so I switched to a larger purse and made all my food, I have to get up tomorrow at 4AM so anything I can do to save some time in the morning is a good idea!!! After that meeting last week I cannot depend on there being food I can eat, so I will just be pulling out of my purse all day **LOL**

See ya tomorrow.... Less of me that is

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  1. Man-o-Man - does this look like a great menu for the day. Tomorrow will be a giant struggle for me! I'm in solid meetings for the next two days and the consultant will want to eat at the College's cafe (one of PDX'a best cafes). They usually have a salad on the menu so I ought to be okay. Wish me luck


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