Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Post # 77

Breakfast: Better N Peanut Butter on Eggo waffles

Work food: blueberries with Fage 0% and honey, popcorn, zero point WW soup (I threw out the cheese on top) Jicama and carrots, Dr P's veggie burger on broccoli with 10 g of Parmesan, Bimbo toast and a WW cream cheese and hummus

Dinner a child size Frozen Yogurt from Yogurt Delight (15 calories per ounce)

See ya tomorrow.... Less of me that is


  1. have you heard of http://sparkpeople.com/ ?

  2. yeah, but I haven't really looked at it, do you use it? I heard there are a lot of success stories there

  3. I've just started using sparkpeople and also stopped my online WW payment. I'll still go to WW but I want to pay weekly - I think it will help me stay connected to the program and motivated to get back to goal.


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