Thursday, March 18, 2010

Post # 86

I will post my pictures later today, was blog surfing and found this on Jack's blog, here are my feelings on his Why questions

Why do you suppose you let your life be less than you imagined it to be?
I think I have put my life in front of me, make sense? Like whatever was happening in my life was more important than me.

Why do you stumble so often despite all your good intentions?
Lazy, eating healthy and taking care of myself is work, when I get lazy it shows!!

Why do you sabotage yourself?
I think underneath all the bull I afraid to be successful, like will my life all of a sudden be magical? NO, losing weight and taking care of myself may lead to a magical life, but in and of itself no, and that scares me, then I have to deal with other things and can’t blame “the weight”

Why are you here anyway? Oh, this is tough, do I get heavy???
No I will look at this question as why am I reading this Jack blog and losing weigh any way? I am here to feel better about myself and this will enable me to be happier and a better person all around

If you’re making it, if you’re succeeding on this weight-loss journey, tell me why this time is different than all the others.
Don’t know for sure?? Accountability of my blog? I would feel foolish if I didn’t finish the year of the blog. Also I have found a way to lose weight and have fun at the same time. I LOVE blogging!!!

Why are you going to make it this time when you’ve fallen short before.
I think because of the time frame factor, always before I wanted to see results NOW!!! Wake up in the morning and be a size 6, well now it is about a year long commitment. The goal now is not so much the pounds to lose but the year time frame.

Why are you going to keep it off this time when you’ve gained it back before.
My 2011 blog will be all about maintenance, I have read so many blog’s about how people have struggled and it seems like those that make the change stick have changed their lives, the people they talk to, their friends, etc… Now I don’t mean they no longer associate with their friends, but rather they have a social network of supporters, the blog community in some cases.

Why are you a different person now than you were before?
I am not, I am just more patient with myself, I want to take care of me, and this doesn’t make me selfish, just more healthy and happy

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