Thursday, March 25, 2010

Post # 94

so I will post my pictures later, but something happened today that really shocked me.... so I went to a meeting and I took my food, eating at a meeting, all the non WW foods are just NOT worth throwing away an entire week of eating healthy

so I was eating my salad and one of the gals came up to me and said, oh you brought your own food? I said yes, and she asked if I was dieting, I told her yeah, weight watchers

so she said, oh are you going on a cruise? (HUH???) ah no, I have a year long bet with my son to eat healthy and he has lost so much weight his pants are hanging off.

so she says .... oh he is winning then?


for the record I have lost 23 pounds since 1/1/10 and my son has lost 22 pounds

but WTH?? why the nastiness, I wanted to say, but shrugged it off, it is amazing to me how some people can be so nasty when you are doing something positive and if they are stuck how they feel the need to shoot you down

sorry friend, ha ha ya missed me, I will not be shot down!! I am going strong and feeling so good your brand of nastiness is unwelcome and unneeded.... blah



  1. Seriously, some people!!!!

    You are doing great and making admirable progress. Don't be shot down is right!

  2. Sis, you are awesome! Seeing that the gal's comment was her problem, her nastiness, due to her being stuck in an unhealthy lifestyle.

    Dang I wish I could say I've lost 23 lbs since Jan 1st. And racing to health with a young man half your age is a double win on your part!! His metabolism probably runs so much faster it's ridiculous!

    I read your blog everyday! You are my inspiration.

  3. it almost validated that I am doing good... make sense?? otherwise why would she be so nasty?? Thats okay, I am not going to let one person derail me


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