Friday, March 26, 2010

Post # 96

It is 3:47 PM and I am posting, I will save this as a draft and post it final later, the whole purpose is to be done for today
Breakfast was 3 egg whites, soy jack cheese and an Oroweat thin, a Karla Mc Muffin **LOL**
I took my son to lunch for his birthday.... Maggianos.... yuck

I ate half a slice of bread and ordered Minestrone soup, what came was tomato broth with TONS of celery in it a few onions, carrots and potatoes, so I drank the broth ... Maybe consumed 3 points total at the restaurant


later... we went to Ginger, the BEST Thai food in the West San Fernando Valley, OH YEAH!!!

I ate until I was full, not uncomfortable full, ate 95% vegetables so I think I stayed within my points today

My kids are running in the Agoura 10K tomorrow, so now I have a new goal, I want to do a 10K, that is 6.2 miles, I think I can do this, I will start working up to it on my treadmill... maybe within a month? two months? I do 20 minutes every morning and I used to do a 4 mile track around the neighborhood, so I think a 10K is within reach..

OK so I have a short term goal... until tonight to be done eating, no more food... I will tell ya if I made it


see ya tomorrow...less of me that is

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