Saturday, March 27, 2010

Post # 97

The kids ran their first 10K today, I am a proud Mama!!!
I think I went over today in my points but I know why, I will be back to feeling better in a few days, I just have to hold on.. all I want to do is eat and lay around, can't do that tomorrow... WORK!!!

any who Ha, I got some good running shoes and I want to try and work toward doing a 5K, I found a gradual program at
so today I walked 2.7 miles outside, I usually do 20 minutes every morning and walking outside is really not what I prefer, but we got up early so I walked later.

I ate 2 helpings of the veggies, thank you for those 35 extra weekly points!!!

I took back some jeans and tops I got last week (what I got the running shoes with) the size 14 jeans were too big, I wore one of them and will just have to keep washing and drying the heck out of them but took back the black pair, and the tops, were shapeless. I think I am not an extra large any more and I keep buying that size and it is getting kind of silly now. Sorry not too much food talk today

See ya tomorrow.... less of me that is

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