Friday, April 30, 2010

Post # 135

had 24 points today, 3 were coffee creamer

breakfast was 3 egg whites and a bagel thin

work food: Fage yogurt with 6 ounces of mixed berries, I used a packet of Splenda (didn't want to use a point with the honey) TJ's blueberry bran muffin, TJ's egg white salad on high fiber crunchy toast and 2 Dr. P's veggie burgers with broccoli and 5 g of Parmesan cheese

fro yo for dinner

see ya tomorrow.......less of me that is

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Post # 134

OK so today I counted EVERYTHING, every single thing
23 points
coffee creamer = 5 points
breakfast burrito = 5 points
soup = 3 points
veggie burgers and broccoli with Parmesan cheese = 6 points
frozen yogurt = 3 points

WOW look at those coffee creamer points!!! almost amazing that I have even been losing weight at all!!

See ya tomorrow.......less of me that is!!

Post # 133

I gained a pound


what did I do different this week??? I got all my water in, AP's every day..... hummm, let me think........... er no no don't help me, I have this.......... errrr........ oh yeah those point thingy's maybe I had too many of those!!!! ya think!!! It was all the BLT's (bites, licks and taste's)

I also did the math this morning on my morning coffee, oh man life is cruel... a point a cup and I have not been counting at all!!! So I am picking myself up, dusting myself off and understanding the coffee gods are cruel and getting on with life.

Maybe also stay away from the peanut butter, EVERY time I induldge in peanut butter, now I buy the Better N Peanut Butter at Trader Joes, but I swear peanut butter is like concrete for me, I love it as a change in my daily routine, but it does always lead to a gain, so NO more peanut butter for me, and I am now counting my coffee, a point a cup,

sorry to disapoint, but I may have taken a bullet, but I am not out of the race


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Post # 132

tomorrow is Thursday again, wow the week flies by!!

breakfast was one slice of High Fiber crunchy toast with half a serving of cottage cheese

work food was: a turkey sandwich and a peanut butter and dill pickle sandwich, carrots, jicama and cucumber, 2 oranges, a muffin, popcorn and 2 WW cream cheese's with 2 slices high fiber crunchy toast (I took my food again in my purse, last day of main office meetings)

dinner was frozen yogurt, I weigh tomorrow so I wanted to eat lighter today, ah I had.....19 points, I also had my water, vitamins and did my 20 minutes on the treadmill this morning

see ya tomorrow...........less of me that is

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Post #131

Breakfast was crunchy high fiber toast with a WW cream cheese

Work food (which I stashed in my big purse) 2 oranges, a turkey sandwich, a peanut butter and dill pickle sandwich, jicama and carrots, the cucumber tasted gross so I threw it away, I think I am a total English cucumber gal from now on!! Fage Greek yogurt with honey, walnuts and chai seeds, Vita top and a muffin

dinner was 5 points worth of Halibut and green beans

My boss kept calling me slim today!! then someone made the comment, "oh you always bring your own food" and it was total none judging, like okay... that is Karla's thing. I felt relieved, accepted for my choices

I have to go peal oranges and cucumbers, and carrots for tomorrow, another classroom day at the main office

see ya tomorrow........less of me that is

Monday, April 26, 2010

Post # 130

I have to go to the main office the next 2 days, so I will be purse eating... lots of good food choices stashed in my purse!!

Today waffles and cottage cheese, coffee and vitamins

work food: soup, sandwich, muffin, yogurt with honey and walnuts and chai seeds, watermelon and leftover cucumber, onion and cherry tomato salad

fro yo for dinner

got my treadmill and water in also

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Post # 129

Breakfast was an onion, mushroom and red pepper egg white omelet with an Oroweat thin (I think I may need a break from omelette's!!)

Vitatop, popcorn, fro yo

I had honey and walnuts and chia seeds in my yogurt, I read in Runners world magazine that Chia seeds expand in your stomach and make you feel fuller

so I am going to incorporate them into my daily diet and we will see!!??

Had 2 low fat Hebrew National hot dogs on Sara Lee low cal whole wheat buns, with onions and mustard, salad was just cucumber, cherry tomatoes and red onion with a low cal balsamic vinegar dressing

I did my treadmill, water and vitamins

see ya tomorrow.....Less of me that is

Post # 128

I ate 2 vitatops!!!

I feel like to little bit of going over my points each day is going to equal a NOT good weigh in on Thursday,

I think I will try to just eat 18 points today

this is a picture of how yesterday went, net surfing and a Buffy marathon (notice the picture on the TV)

see ya later today

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Post # 127

MASSIVE picture post!!! breakfast was an Oroweat bagel thin and a WW cream cheese, I had to run an errand this morning, ate a TJ's mini blueberry muffin on the way

This is for a friend: how to make the perfect egg white omelet: I sauteed onions, and red pepper and some ham (with Pam spray) then whipped up 5 egg whites until frothy and added the sauteed mixture poured it into one side of the omelet pan, turned heat to low and covered, it cooks from the heat AND the steam... er I think!!?? then flipped the pan over and cooked the other side, added soy jack cheese for a few more minutes and VIOLA killer egg white omelet with a bagel thin... very delicious

oranges, popcorn and TJ's egg white salad with Bimbo toast... carrots and jicama ... I really just wanted to eat today...

dinner was 2 low fat Hebrew National franks, no bun... the dang thing was old and moldy!! bummer so I had lots of green beans with ICBIB light and parmesan cheese...

may have a vitatop later..?? off to continue my Buffy marathon

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is

Friday, April 23, 2010

Post # 126

What does one eat when you pull an all nighter?? Inventory!!

not too different so it would appear: on the way to work a Vitatop

work food: a turkey sandwich, a PB&J sandwich, muffin, TJ's egg white salad with high fiber Bimbo toast and green beans with a Laughing cow wedge

Fo Yo

Thai food, Garlic green beans and stir fry vegetable's with just a spoon of the chicken and vegetable's. (I had 8 points left I am sure dinner wasn't 8 points)

the bummer is I didn't walk yesterday or today!! no treadmill. Inventory is only twice a year so 2 days won't throw me too off track, and I also didn't drink all my water or take my vitamins today!!!

so I am off the weekend, I figure I will catch up on Buffy (what I walk to on the treadmill) and make up the 40 minutes of treadmilling I lost

well see ya tomorrow.......Less of me that is

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