Sunday, April 11, 2010

Post # 113

lots of pictures today = day off!!!

breakfast was fage yogurt with honey and walnuts and half a bran muffin
vitatop, yes I am still writing everything down!! **LOL**
WW zero point soup with 1 point of Parmesan cheese
mini bag of popcorn
2 oranges
a WW'ers version of chips and dip: veggies and hummus
I cooked 2 huge pots of soup, WW zero point soup and taco chili, the taco chili came out to be 5 points, so good though!! I made it with Bocca crumbles
dinner was a baked potato, spray butter and light sour cream and green beans with Parmesan and a fro yo to finish up the day

I must make a confession, I had 2 bites of prime rib roast, We made it way to rare!!! so it hard to go back into the oven for like 45 minutes and when I came home from Yogurt Delight he was cutting it down for tomorrow, oh I couldn't resist, I had 2 bites, not huge!! so I was 100% within my points except for those bites

see ya tomorrow.....less of me that is

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  1. Thought you would like this post I found about journaling our food intake and exercise:

    stopped by baskin robbins for a scoop of non-fat frozen yogurt: SO SWEET, 3 pts; not sure it's worth it now that I'm not eating much sugar


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