Sunday, April 4, 2010

Post # 105

So I have a confession to make, I haven't been keeping track of my points, well I have... er sort of ... but I haven't been writing down exactly what I have eaten, I have thought the camera and blog was enough... so when I was re-reading yesterdays blog entry I thought what??!! and I looked at my weight loss over the last month and I have lost like 2 pounds, and no recording... hummmm it's like my boss says if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, yep it's a duck

so tomorrow I will weigh myself and restart my week keep a detailed record, I think as in before as long as I stay within my points on a daily basis then I won't weigh my creamer, cause that's a pain ... so my Carnation sugar free vanilla coffee creamer will be my extra 35 weekly points

so Easter was a nice day, hope yours was as well... OH OH OH I did day #2 of C25K, I think I pushed myself so hard because I ate those ribs??!!

well see ya tomorrow, more of me I am sure but it's a new restart and I will be adding a picture of my handwritten log every day to keep me even more on track!!!

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