Thursday, April 8, 2010

Post # 110

lots of pictures today!!! half a muffin
4 egg whites with onions, mushrooms and red pepper and an Oroweat bagel thin

Fage yogurt, I like the plain yogurts the best, but I was hungry and ran into the local grocery store


cucumber, jicama and carrots

I made chop suey stir fry with the shiratake noodles, SO GOOD!!! OMG!!


and the fingers.... well I am no chef and chopping all the vegetables for the chop suey well, my middle finger bled for like an hour!!! but the way I cut it if I went to the Urgent care, they would have cauterized it, no way to stitch it up. I took a hunk out of it!! I am so lame

GROSS...... er...sorry

I am not in a size 12, I am in a size 14. I bought 12's at Old Navy, but their sizing is so goofy... I did get 2 pairs of work pants today, size 14. Wow I have lost 24.4 pounds, that is a lot!!! I feel great!!

see ya tomorrow..... Less of me that is


  1. I just had roasted veggies and turkey sausage for dinner... it's one of my faves along with fage. Congrats on the fourteens and yes, 27 lbs is a lot of weight. Keep up the good work.

  2. Yay for the loss - but keep your digits!
    You need them for cutting more veggies!


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