Sunday, April 25, 2010

Post # 129

Breakfast was an onion, mushroom and red pepper egg white omelet with an Oroweat thin (I think I may need a break from omelette's!!)

Vitatop, popcorn, fro yo

I had honey and walnuts and chia seeds in my yogurt, I read in Runners world magazine that Chia seeds expand in your stomach and make you feel fuller

so I am going to incorporate them into my daily diet and we will see!!??

Had 2 low fat Hebrew National hot dogs on Sara Lee low cal whole wheat buns, with onions and mustard, salad was just cucumber, cherry tomatoes and red onion with a low cal balsamic vinegar dressing

I did my treadmill, water and vitamins

see ya tomorrow.....Less of me that is


  1. I have been taking a break from omelet's too. I'm getting sick of them.


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