Sunday, May 9, 2010

Post # 145

Mother's Day was really nice :) .... thank you kids (((hugs)))

breakfast with the family, egg white omelet, with onions, peppers, mushrooms and spinach and an Oroweat Bagel thin


TJ's egg white salad on Bimbo crunchy toast, with veggies: jicama, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and carrots

Frozen Yogurt


2 low fat Hebrew National hot dogs on the Sara Lee 80 calorie buns, with mustard, onions and relish and 2 helpings of green beans

I am so so tired tonight, I will be asleep by 7pm!!

see ya tomorrow.......less of me that is


  1. Bimbo toast? lol
    There's that delicious frozen yogurt again! (where are you getting it from? do you go out every day for a cup?)

    Have some good zzzzzzz's!

  2. Just noticed ... that's a really happy plate of breakfast. :D

  3. there is a yogurt delight on my way home from work. I usually stop every day $3 and only 14 calories per ounce for the non fat and 19 calories for a regular low fat. I get half non fat vanilla always and half of a low fat flavor and count it as 3 points. The small is 8 ounces. It's pretty much a staple in my daily routine.


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