Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Post # 147

Went to a meeting all day, so I was eating out of my purse all day, I am not going to kill an entire week of healthy eating for meeting food.... NOPE!!!

breakfast was 3 egg whites on an Oroweat Bagel thin (quick and easy)

purse food: oranges, Greek yogurt with mixed berries (I actually ate this first thing at the meeting) Vitatop, a muffin, sandwich and veggies: cucumber, cherry tomatoes and carrots and Popchip (they were so good the first time I had them.... ah what happened???)

Frozen yogurt for dinner

Someone asked me at the meeting, "you don't take a day off?"


"eating, do you always diet?"

Made me think, do I diet? I really don't think of myself as "being on a diet" more like this is the way I eat now, yeah the bonus is I am losing weight, but when I make bad food choices, it spirals and the next thing you know I feel like crapolla and well just basically I feel bad, .... I don't like it, I want to feel good as much as possible and making good food choices makes me feel good

er, dat dare is my logic

see ya tomorrow........... less of me that is

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