Sunday, May 16, 2010

Post # 154

The bagged popcorn was from last night

Went out to breakfast, egg white omelet with soy chorizo, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes, I only ate 2 slices of the strawberries and one bite of dry wheat toast with jam

Frozen yogurt

then we went to the movies: Robin Hood (sucked!! major!! we walked out and got a refund on our tickets) I ate a sandwich and cucumber, BUT also about a quarter of a bag of popcorn, which I counted as 10 points

dinner was zero point soup with green beans

so I figured I went over today bringing my weekly allowance total to 24.... I better be careful if I want to lose this week!!!

see ya tomorrow..... less of me that is

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  1. Oh how sad about the movie. It's my hubby's birthday tomorrow and he wants to see it so bad. I hope he isn't disappointed.


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