Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Post # 156

egg white omelet with mushrooms, onions, peppers and spinach... no bagel today


Greek yogurt with strawberries

sandwich, Popchips and vegetables: jicama, carrots, cherry tomatoes and a cucumber

dinner was mixed vegetables (had 2 bowls)

and a frozen yogurt... I bought Lee jeans today, size 12's at JCPenney, gotta love JCPenny **LOL**

I am really full right now, I hate this feeling, I have been eating too much, may not see any loss this week, bummer

see ya tomorrow......less of me that is


  1. If you think you ate too much I am not see it by your food photos. That looked awesome and very yummy. So exciting to get new clothes too. Size 12 is great! Question: why am I not on your blog roll of sites you visit:(

  2. I think your food looks yummy. Where do you get that yummy looking frozen yogurt from?? Dude, I've gotta stop coming over here when I'm hungry. lol Is jicama good too? And hey, good for you and the new jeans. :)


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