Saturday, May 29, 2010

Post # 168

Eating my salad today....
chew, chew, CRUNCH, huh? what is that... chew, chew CRUNCH I found about 5 pieces of plastic in my salad.... yes I ate EVERY bite, just carefully and slowly

so I was just unloading the dish washer and wondering about my salad today, did the jicama crystallize somehow? was there something in the lettuce? on the cutting board? Its a mystery???

mystery solved: the clear plastic at the bottom of my chopper, is chipping away

time to make a Bed Bath and Beyond run, I need a new chopper, they are only $10 and viola no more mystery ingredients in the salad

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  1. The first time a had a frozen Weight Watchers dinner,
    it had shreds of plastic in it.
    How many "points" for that?
    From then on, I stuck with Lean Cuisine.
    Till now, of course.


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