Thursday, June 3, 2010

Post #173

I only lost .4... whats up with that? There is a gal on the WW message boards Rozy and I instantly thought of her this morning and did not get discouraged. Rozy post's this post every once in a while, and it really puts weight loss into perspective, any minus sign is a good thing!! I did my treadmil religiously this week (picture) so it is all good

I ate only 20 points today.. Yeah for me!!
Sugar Free French Vanilla - Liquid 90
Egg, White - Raw, Fresh 63
Onions - Raw 16
Mushrooms - Raw 4
Spinach - Raw 4
Peppers, Sweet, Red - Raw 12
100 Calorie Plain Bagel 100
Frozen Yogurts, Chocolate, Nonfat Milk - With Low Calorie Sweetener 120
Jicama - Raw 23
Peeled Mini Carrots - Fresh Vegetables 107
Fudgy Peanut Butter Chip 100
Buns 100% Whole Wheat - Oroweat 95
Cooked Ham - Deli Thin 60
Salmon Burgers 220
Onions - Raw 16
Mushrooms - Raw 4
Peppers, Sweet, Red - Raw 12
Spinach - Raw 14
Pop Secret 100 Calorie Butter 110
Cucumber, Peeled - Raw 12
Total Calories Consumed 1,180

I love the Calorie Count website

The salmon was from Trader Joe's, ah okay... I am not a big salmon fan, my daughter loves salmon so we had salmon...
also the Frozen yogurt place got back the Irish mint flavor!!! yummy!! also, okay, okay I am busted... I bought more Vitatops, Erin was busting on me (daughter) I eat too much processed foods... ah whatever leave me be

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is


  1. Wow, that's a lot of raw food. A raw egg? Seriously? I know your frustration with .4 down! But, yes, anything down is a good thing! I'll keep reminding myself of that too!

  2. Up and down the scale already know you're on track.
    Forget about the scale. She's a cruel mistress.

  3. VitaTops scare me. Seriously. :D
    I used to love salmon, now ... meh. I always seem to get a piece that tastes bitter and not so fresh.
    Over the long run, you know you'll see the scale love. ♡

  4. Karla:
    I am so impressed with your wonderful progress.

    You should be justly proud of your -0.4 WI. As you get nearer and nearer to goal you gotta struggle for every decimal decrement on the scale. Just keep up your positive attitude and you will be in maintenanc emode before you know it :D



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