Friday, June 18, 2010

Post # 189

we went to the Little Cafe for breakfast

Frozen yogurt
Fage with honey and walnuts



had a HUGE dinner; Costco Falafel with creamy cucumber garlic yogurt sauce in a whole wheat pits with salad and oven roasted mushrooms

We went hiking, it was so nice out, the sky was super blue, and I live in Los Angeles; San Fernando Valley and this hike was only 20 minutes from the house!!

see ya tomorrow..... less of me that is


  1. Look how tiny you are getting! You look amazing in that photo!!!! Do you know what grocery store carries that peanut butter vita top? I am going to cross border shop to find them, but it would be great to have some idea what grocery stores to search. They look amazing!!!!

  2. I get the Vitatops through the mail, I order the chocolate peanut butter chip and the chocolate mint chip, so worth the cost. They are a little spendy

  3. Food looks great as always, Karla.
    Glad you're enjoying your visit! How great is it that you're so active too.


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