Saturday, June 19, 2010

Post #190

Was another fun day!! we went to the Calabasas Farmers Market and the Getty Villa and ended the day taking a nap on the beach!! was so nice

the ice cream was last night, Healthy choice Fudge bar with Free Cool Whip

Breakfast was a Bimbo Toast, we went to the Farmers Market and they had fruit to try so I tried some strawberries, radishes and cherries the flowers were so beautiful!! I love Orchids

I had a Fage yogurt and I want to make Greek yogurt only one point so I took some out, I will save it in a container until the container becomes a point, the yogurt I had yesterday was a 4 point yogurt, too many points!!

we packed a lunch, salad with this amazing Balsamic Vinegar I got at the Farmers Market, California roll, muffin, Vitatop, sandwich, blueberries and oranges dinner was Shiratake noodles with veggies and peanut sauce

okay, I need to do the math: 21 so far so I am going to have a one point something .... maybe

The Getty was so nice

see ya tomorrow..... less of me that is


  1. I could go for a nap on the beach right now.
    When you're young, it's "Sex On The Beach."
    Now it's a nap on the beach! lol

  2. All your food looks so healthy and yummy! Congrats on your weightloss!!!


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