Monday, June 21, 2010

Post #192

We went to the Los Angeles downtown fashion district today, so so fun!!

breakfast was an egg white sandwich

Bimbo toast with a quarter cup cottage cheese

Greek yogurt

then we had a car tailgate picnic on the top of a parking structure in down town LA!!

I ate a salad, pickles orange and some peach and cucumbers

we stopped for Frozen yogurt on the way home

Chicken crock pot chili for dinner, it was good 5 points for a cup, I had half a cup with 2 Laughing cow wedges and a bucket load of green beans!! I went back for a few more green beans and on those I just put Balsamic vinegar

we stopped at the local WW center and picked up a food companion (a book that lists the points for like EVERY food imaginable, a MUST have for any WW'er)

and I got some of the current WW goodies, a point a bar, how can you go wrong!!

see ya tomorrow..... less of me that is

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