Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Post # 194

Back to work: BOO
was a strange day, I worked an inventory so I ate really weird; breakfast was a fudge bar with Cool Whip Free (and you thought I was kidding about the eating weird, huh?)

I didn't do my treadmill or water or take my vitamins :(

Took zero point soup and tofu, Vitatop, yogurt and jicama and carrots

One of the gals gave me this 1 point WW candy, wow so good those would be dangerous to have at home!!

came home and had Bimbo toast with cottage cheese

and another Vitatop

slept for 3 hours, that is Jack with me he loves afternoon naps, as you can see :)

dinner was a repeat of last night Low Fat Hebrew Nation franks in the Oroweat square thins with spicy brown mustard, pickles and peppercinis

so I weigh in tomorrow, thoughts on this last week .....
I had a wonderful visit with my sister, losing this week in addition to a wonderful week off would be a bonus, why is it I always psyc myself out the night before weigh in???

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is


  1. Interesting weigh-in question!

  2. I know I psyc myself out because I've worked so hard and want to see some tangible results. So this is why I'm starting to pay more attention to other 'measurements'...the cloths I wear, my watch band, my rings, using a tape measure.


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