Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Post #201

The Healthy choice bar was last night, did you know they have 5 G's of fiber in each bar!!!!

egg white sandwich

work food: broccoli with a Dr P's veggie burger with balsamic vinegar dressing, a vitatop, soup (I didn't eat the zero point WW soup... it looked freezer burned) 3 egg whites, WW yogurt and a turkey sandwich

Granola bar, I actually put 2 more in the trash, I love these freakin things and they are soo good, so I pitched them.... in the trash for you!!

and a frozen yogurt

busy day.. I am so pooped!!

see ya tomorrow... less of me that is


  1. Still waiting for your cooking. LOL

  2. Thanks for the comment on my nerves post. It is just pissing me off that I can't control this scale thing. I know I need to relax but that isn't in my vocabulary. I love smiling at people cause they always smile back So SMILE!

  3. If it has fiber, it MUST be good, right!
    I like the granola bars in the trash line.

  4. Congratulations on this weeks weight loss. Way to go!

    :... they are soo good, so I pitched them.... in the trash for you!!"

    LOL! I've done that myself, but first I usually try to give the bad stuff away. Yesterday I gave away eight Hershey bars with almonds that I had foolishly bought the day before.


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