Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mirror Challenge award

Mirror Challenge Award

I received this blog award from Vickie In order to fulfill my requirements for this award I have to do the following:

1. Thank the giver: Thank you Vickie!!! I got an award!! I am a weight loss blogger for sure now!!

2. Link back to the giver Vickie

3. Look in the mirror and find 10 things I like about myself. Okay this is going to be hard hard hard...

4. Pass it on to 3 people.

let me do the easy part first... the 3 people.

1. Suzi over at My Daily Nosh, she is the entire reason I started this blog, thanks sweetie, you are so inspirational!! I am sure you already have it but I thought of you instantly!!

2. Ann over at Carb tripper, she makes me smile at how she looks at the world

3. Finally to my big sister, Deborah. she is amazing!!

okay here we go... 10 things I like about myself while looking in the mirror

1. My little ears

2. My nose

3. My quirky sense of humor (Xray mirror..)

4. My drive, stick-to-it-ness (theres that Xray vision again)

5. My competitiveness (ok last Xray mirror gaze)

6. My feet (ok it's a big mirror)

7. My small wrists

8. My ability to understand how much I needed this to understand that I am not good at this and need to actually say something nice about myself and stop being such a dork... oops got kind of off track there

9. How I am a reasonably attractive lady for being 50

10. I have nice hair

wow that was painful... sorry you had to witness that


  1. Thank you! Actually my daily nosh hasn't had an award yet. So thanks :)

  2. Yay! Thank you so much!
    I am lousy at awards!
    But getting better!
    Thanks, awesome chick!

  3. I love Vickie too. I think the 3 of us need to go hang out together. I could learn so much from you guys. What part of the USA do you live?

  4. It's strange and uncomfortable isn't it!? I think you're adorable and I'm sure I could rattle off ten things about your appearance that I admire in a heartbeat! Thanks for being a good sport about a challenge that was uncomfortable for you! You are awesome!!!

  5. You forgot those beautiful legs of yours! All that walking and they are slim, trim and tanned. Oh an your tan - thanks for the "tanning" tip. I've had three compliments this past week. :-) And YES you are an attractive lady for being 50.

    Now what is this award? How do I play? I'll try to fix my tumbler blog so ppl can make comments.


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