Sunday, July 4, 2010

Post # 205

I had to be to work early, so no treadmill this morning, and I packed food... no breakfast at home

Costco California roll, 3 hard boiled eggs, only the whites. a cup of blueberries with a 0% Fage Greek yogurt, Jolly time 1 point popcorn, and a "salad" of cucumber, tomatoes and green onions soaking in balsamic vinegar. I poured off the balsamic vinegar and added cottage cheese. Very good!!

we grilled vegetables: zucchini, mushrooms, red onions and peppers

hot dogs!! what would the 4th of July be without a BBQ?? I had actually 3 hot dogs (40 calories each) in 2 Oroweat fill-ems (100 calorie each) with mustard, pickles, onions and peppercini's and grilled vegetables

oh I forgot!! frozen yogurt.... think I may be getting sick of my frozen yogurt. I may switch to the Healthy Choice fudge bars

I had 25 WW points today, I am allowed 22 so I used 3 weeklies.

****Note**** the movie last night: Eclipse.... suck fest!!! bad, bad, horrible, terrible, sappy, dumb, stupid, I was embarrassed to be there it was soo bad!!!

see ya tomorrow .... less of me that is

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  1. Just when I was starting to think you were a great gal, you go and say you hated Eclispe. (LOL) I love the Twilight Series and Eclispe was great in my opinion. Sorry you didn't like it.

    Love the BBQ ideas and do you buy your packaged salad or do you make them and put them in plastic containers?

    You have too many followers to 'subscribe by email' for your response. Can you comment on my blog? Soaking the salad sounds yummy. I just bought that dressing too. How much do I use to soak? Can you tell I don't cook....LOL


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