Thursday, July 8, 2010

Post #209

I lost 3 pounds this week!!! yoo hoo!!

breakfast was a mushroom, onion, pepper and spinach egg white omelet with a bagel thin

Quizno's small turkey, Swiss and Ranch minus the Swiss and ranch with only mustard

we went to the movies and saw Grown up's with Adam Sandler, it had it's moments but wait for the DVD... oh I had about a quarter of a bag of popcorn

we had Thai food for dinner, all I had was vegetables and the only countable points was the sauce on the garlic green beans

New Frozen Yogurt place, yeah I am over frozen yogurt, I am going to buy Popsicles or something tomorrow

oh oh oh oh oh oh oh I went shopping for work pants today SIZE 10's!! down from a tight 16

I am guessing on the popcorn points and the Thai food but I think I did 22 points today ...???
breakfast 3
sandwich 4
coffee creamer 2
popcorn 5
Thai food 5
fro yo 3

see ya tomorrow .... less of me that is

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