Saturday, July 10, 2010

Post # 211

I went to the movies today with Bob and we saw Predators, it was good, I thought of a fellow blogger today Lesia and had to take a picture of the calorie count in the movie popcorn, WOW!!! talk about a kill joy, there it was ..... 950 calories in a large popcorn.... nope I think I will pass on that!! ouch!!

so breakfast was a new favorite, Eggo Low Fat waffles with egg whites and sugar free syrup

Trader Joe's high fiber blueberry bran muffin

Quizno's small turkey and mustard

more egg whites, kind of my new thing lately... weird huh??

confession time!!! I had a Yozen Frogurt last night, I didn't have one of the treats I bought, I met Erin and we had a late night treat, I had 4 points left last night so I was fine, today I had a peanut butter and Horchata frozen yogurt.... soo good!!

dinner at Outback, salmon and vegetables

I used 28 points today which is 6 out of my weeklies. I have used 7 of my 35 available

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is


  1. I seriously wish i had a Trader Joe's nearby but then again maybe it's good that i don't :)
    I have to admit i'm using my weeklies while i'm on holiday, however, i've stuck to my plan and i'm enjoying my time off.

  2. you look so cute in that photo of you with the muffin! I walked to Golden Spoon with my son and his wife this afternoon for frozen yogurt. I had cake batter and graham cracker flavors mixed...oh yum!

  3. I love frozen yogurt, but going out to dinner, wow so many points!! I am again reminded why I eat at home mainly!!

  4. My large popcorn was 1150 calories not 950. I know I am being picky but I HAVE NEVER eaten anything over 1000 calories since I started WW. Where do you buy your waffles I can't find them out here. I mix fresh chopped up spinach and shredded cooked carrots with my egg whites. It helps get in the veggies and it is very yummy too. Then I put salsa and fat free sour cream on it sometimes too. I am learning to eat better by reading your blog. Thanks. We have a snow cone shack next to our house and our nightly thing is to get one of those. I have a small sugar free and its not too bad. not like the real thing but I can handle it. smile.

  5. I love those pepper eggs!


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