Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Post # 214

I was off today, had a good breakfast before starting my day...

had an egg white salad with Bimbo high fiber toast

another snack, cottage cheese and tomato

and cucumbers, and a vitatop (I may have another one tonight...)

I was busy today: Costco, Old Navy, Trader Joes, Vallarta, Ralphs, Yozen Frogurt, Macy's and New York and Company...

phew I am tired just thinking about it

frozen yogurt: flavors today were half peanut butter, half Oreo

dinner was a gigantic salad

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is


  1. Now I wanna go to Trader Joe's.
    Every time I see your blog - it's hungry time for me!

  2. I'm on pins and needles waiting for your next -10lbs pic now that I know you've been shopping for new cloths. I can't wait!! :-)


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