Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Post # 215

So I ate too much today... 34 points, I am allowed 22 for the day and 35 extra for the week... I went over by 12 points and as of yesterday I had used only 14 of my extra points so... 14+12=26 ... Yet here is the problem, I ate 12 extra points the day before I weigh, yep I am a dope!!! whatever, so there will be no "less of me" in the morning.

so here's the scoop: breakfast was good: an egg white sandwich

a well planned out day: broccoli with the new Blue Cheese Laughing Cow light (soo good, now what am I going to do with the tons of regular Laughing Cow I got at Costco... sheesh) salad, muffin, TJ's egg white salad with Bimbo Toast and a peach

feeling the stress... getting the munchies ...

attack of the Bimbo toast.....

I ate 4 slices of Bimbo toast with cream cheese...

and a ear of corn at the farmers market, and 2 Vitatops to round out the day...

and I have to go to a meeting tomorrow, ah lets do the fiber math... yep trouble for me thats what I figured, the toot train will be arriving early tomorrow just as I am sitting in close quarters at my 7 AM meeting which will last until 4PM

oh lucky me!!! or should I say unlucky them!!

yep, I am a dope...

see ya tomorrow... more of me I am sure

toot toot


  1. Bless your heart. 1 vitatop makes me toot can't imagine 2 of them...LOL

  2. I had my first laughing cow this very day.
    Ha ha ha!
    Now I know why she's laughing!

  3. LOL..the toot train.. I'm gonna pray that your meeting goes by very, very fast.

  4. All I do is toot. Worried that the sound is hurting the neighbors..


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